Best yellow nail polish

The most difficult color nail polish to get right? Yellow. There is just something about this color that makes a polish go on streaky 9 times out of 10. And if they’re neon, it is even harder to get right. I thought I’d show you some of my favorite yellow nail polishes today. Here are my top 5 yellow nail polishes.  best yellow nail polish swatch

Best yellow nail polish

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Stop the Clock

best yellow nail polish swatch

Let’s start with an affordable option. Barry M does some of my favorite polishes. After the Gelly Hi-Shine line, the Speedy Quick Dry is one of my favorites. One of the reasons for that is the gorgeous pastels that make up the collection. This pale yellow is no exception. It looks almost white on the pictures as it is that close to being a white. It is super pale and one of my favorites for spring/ summer.

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

best yellow nail polish swatch

A brand that does yellow best is China Glaze. To me, they have a couple of gorgeous yellows in their collection that aren’t too sheer and go on nicely. Lemon Fizz was one of the first yellows I bought and it never disappoints. More yellow than Barry M’s Stop the Clock, this works really well paired with other polishes and an otherwise monochrome outfit.

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

best yellow nail polish swatch

As far as yellows go, neon yellow is the hardest. Most of them are sheer and streaky, but this one goes on opaque. You will need a good 3 layers of it to do so and it’s difficult to apply it evenly, but when you are patient enough, this polish can be a great popping color accent. Against my pale skin it isn’t the best of shades, but this would be stunning if you have a dark skin tone. Especially in the summer time, paired with a fun dress, this will suit you very well if you are medium to deep.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening

best yellow nail polish swatch

Like neon yellow, a true yellow isn’t the best match against my skin tone, but still it’s a good polish the have. Especially if you like doing nail art, then a straight up yellow is a good color to own. My favorite one is Sally Hansen’s Lightening. This creamy yellow goes on opaque in almost one layer. The brush is nice and wide, which makes it easy to apply and it doesn’t chip easily. In short, the best bog standard yellow a person could own. Sadly, I can no longer find this in stores, so I think it may have been discontinued.

OPI Soft Shades One Chic Chick

best yellow nail polish swatch

You just knew there had to be an OPI polish in here didn’t you? I love OPI, but it took ages to find a good yellow in their line. I used to own Lemonade Stand by Your Man, but that looked anything but flattering on me and it was far too sheer for my taste. I decluttered it ages ago, but then spotted the Soft Shades collection and this gorgeous shade.

It may look like Barry M’s Stop the Clock in the pictures but when looking at them side by side this is brighter and more like a pastel citron shade, rather than a true yellow. It makes my hands look more tan, which is always a winner!

What is your favorite yellow nail polish?

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