Hot weather makeup look

It’s summer time, which means that it’s the season where makeup melts straight off your face and you feel sticky and yucky all day long. A reason for me to adapt my makeup look and go for a more sweat and perhaps even waterproof makeup look. It takes half the time of my usual makeup routine as it focuses on using the bare, bare minimum of product.

hot weather makeup look sweatproof waterproof sweat water resistant

Hot Weather Makeup look
Sweat & Water resistent

To make sure my makeup stays put, I change up the products I use. I like to use fewer layers, as few as possible, because in my experience, the more layers, the more can melt off. If I truly want to make my makeup last, I will layer a primer underneath, but most days I’ll just forget as it is not part of my usual makeup routine.

I simply try to adapt as much as I can and work in some cream shadows, as many baked an mineral products as I can (as they can best withstand a sweatfest) and try to apply a minimal amount. I like to go for a neutral eye and face and apply a bold lip to counteract the otherwise plain looking makeup.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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