New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 makeup

Catrice did it again! Their bi-annual line change is rolling out in stores as we speak and I found tons of goodies that I wanted to share with you. As per usual, I decided to do this in video form. In this video, I will show you all the products I got, swatch each one of them and try as many as I can on my face. I hope you enjoy!

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 makeup review swatch video haul first impression

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2017 products
Haul, Swatches & First Impressions

Products mentioned:

  • Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer Candlelight
  • Catrice Colour Correcting Re-Touch Anti-Red concealer 030 Green
  • Catrice Colour Correcting Re-Touch Brightening concealer 010 Lavender
  • Catrice Siliconic Make Up Blender
  • Essence Cubanita Limited Edition Jumbo Highlighter 01 Mi Corazón
  • Catrice Strobing Blush 020 Mrs. Rosalie Berry
  • Catrice Strobe to Glow Highlighter stick 010 Tomorrowland White Gold
  • Catrice Matt to Cheek Blush stick 030 Game of Roses
  • Catrice Professional Makeup Techniques Face Palette 010 Volume One
  • Catrice Aquafresh Highlighting eyeshadow 020 Luminous Sensation
  • Catrice The Brown Collection nail polish 03 Goddess of Bronze
  • Catrice The Brown Collection nail polish 04 Unmistakable Style
  • Catrice Chrome Infusion nail polish 04 Unexpected Red
  • Catrice Chrome Infusion nail polish 05 Enchanted Camouflage
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick 040 Dramatic Lilatic
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick 050 Taupeless in Love
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick 020 From Roses with Love…
  • Catrice Ultra Matt Liquid to Powder Lipstick 100 Violet Potion
  • Catrice Metal Matt Liquid to Powder Lipstick 040 Blogger’s Favorite
  • Catrice Million Styles Lip Topcoat 010 Highlight Lips

What product would you like me to review first?

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  1. mmtshali says:

    Hey beautiful ,i really enjoyed your blog post it was so well written ….i just gave your blog a follow looking forward to more

  2. chucky1012 says:

    Love this look 😉
    Pretty colors.


    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thank you!

  3. Susan says:

    Leuke video! Dat palette is echt heel erg mooi <3

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ja ik sta er echt van te kijken. Nu nog even goed testen voordat ik het kan reviewen.

  4. Great look, I really enjoy seeing your process!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thanks! It’s always challenging when you’re trying new products of which you have no idea how they pan out.

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