Catrice Light Correcting serum primer

The first product from Catrice’s new range that I would like to review for you is the Light Correcting Serum Primer. Why? Because next to the face palette it’s the product that intrigued me most. I went on a major primer kick this year. Before I was quite skeptical of primers, but I can see how they can play a role in my makeup routine now. I just haven’t found my favorite one yet. Could this be it? catrice light correcting serum primer review swatch

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer Candlelight

Like other Catrice primer this retails for €4.59. That makes this primer super affordable and thus, if it works like I want it, it could be a great little product. This primer mostly promising to give a golden glow and could be worn on its own or under foundation. It should be a multi-function product as it could also give extra highlight to cheekbones and other areas, as well as make makeup last longer.

The Packaging

catrice light correcting serum primer review swatch

The Light Correcting primer comes equipped with a handy pipette. I think a squeezy tube or a pump is still easiest for primers, but this works quite well. I just put some on my fingers, dot it around my face and blend it in, using my hands. I do feel you need quite a bit of product to get an even layer on your skin, but if this works well than the affordable price point makes this less of a problem.

The Swatches

catrice light correcting serum primer review swatch

This primer has a very lightweight runny consistency. It feels very thin and once blended into the skin it is barely detectable anymore. The shade is a peachy pink tone and where the brand promises a golden glow, on my skin the glow is more an iridescent pink. That maybe something to bear in mind when you have a darker skin tone. Catrice promises this is suitable for all skin tones, but if you have darker skin I think this could easily leave a greyish tone on your skin.

Once blended out the glow on the back of my hand is very subtle. This isn’t one of those kapow highlighters that has you blind someone on the moon. Rather, this can be pretty for an everyday look. There is certainly something light reflecting about this, but there are no visible glitters or sparkles in this. I think if you really want to amp up the glow, that going in with a liquid highlighter may be better.

The Application

catrice light correcting serum primer review swatch

Before – After

I wanted to show you the effect of this product on my face. So on the left you can see my face without anything on. On the right my face after using the primer. There is definitely a little bit of glow there and my skin looks slightly less sallow and a bit more awake. But the effect is subtle and this definitely doesn’t have much pigment to it, so if you feel you need some coverage on your face than this is not the product for you. Or at least not for wearing it on its own.

Wear test

catrice light correcting serum primer review swatch

Since I was at it anyway, I decided to wear this under makeup on a 9 hour day. A 9 hour day in which I did all the housework and spent 30 minutes scraping clean my bathroom tiles. I also went out for lunch, ran errands and did some other miscellaneous things. As a bonus, I came down with a flu that evening too. So this makeup was put through enough to see how this would wear.

On the left: freshly applied. On the right: after 9 hours of wear. And I have to say: I’m impressed. My makeup stayed on much better than without this primer and after 9 hours of wear time, I only noticed some change in my makeup on the tip of my nose. Which, to be honest, is the spot wear my makeup wears down the quickest. But overall, my makeup still looked almost as good as when I had first applied it.

The Conclusion

The Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer get a thumbs up from me. This product simply does what it should do for an affordable price, so what’s not to love? I love the bit of glow it adds to my skin, but what I like even more is how nicely it made my makeup last a lot longer than it normally would have. Yes, I like this and I will definitely be using this product more often.

What primer is your favorite?

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  1. Looks really nice! Really makes a difference on a bare skin. Btw, what is that gorgeous lip colour you are wearing in the last picture?

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