Shop my stash | August 2017

So I figured it would be good to show you my everyday makeup products. I don’t have an everday makeup drawer or anything like that, I just select my products on a daily basis from my collection. But that mostly goes for colored products such as blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and lipstick. My base products I rotate out less frequently, which is why I thought: why not do a blog series about my daily make up and show you how I shop my stash at the same time.

shop my stash august 2017

Shop My Stash | August 2017

Because that’s basically what I do on a daily basis: shop my own stash. My makeup collection is my grown up version of a kid in a candy store and since I have plenty to choose from, that’s how it always feels. I’m continuously testing out new makeup, try different products and adapt my looks and products to seasons and months throughout the year. And I figured I never actually showed that.

My general idea is to do one of these once a month after I have had a good sense what tones and products I am reaching for, what has come into my stash that I’m excited to test out and what base products I am stuck on for that part of the season. For the month of August my products have been the following:






  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipsticks

As you can see my face has been very neutral. I have not been feeling doing massive eye looks lately and also contouring isn’t something I am doing all that much at this moment. Since it’s summer, I have been loving warm tones, a reddy flushed blush and a red toned bronzer.

A new product that I’m still testing out are the new Catrice Ultimate Matt lipsticks. I already swatched them here, and I’ve put them on my lips to take pictures for the blog, but I have yet to try them on my lips for a full day. I wanted to wait until I went back to work to truly test these so far impressive lipsticks on my 7 – 7 workdays.

Since it’s summer time, I like to keep my base lightweight and easy to apply. Hence the BB cream and translucent powder. I simply use the concealer to add a bit more coverage, but in the summer I never like going overboard with my coverage. Now that we’re closing in on September, I hope to be switching this out for a foundation though.

Another new product that I’m testing out is the Rimmel Brow this Way. It’s a very intriguing product, but I am still undecided on how I feel about it. Some days I use it and my brows look on point and others they are a dark powdery mess and I’m not yet sure where that difference comes from. I hope to review it in the upcoming weeks.

What makeup have you been wearing lately?

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