Sleek I-Divine Sunset eyeshadow palette

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Looking for a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Heat? Or just a stunning warm toned eyeshadow palette in general that doesn’t break the bank? Then maybe Sleek I-Divine Sunset might be the palette for you. My love affair with Sleek’s eyeshadow palettes is quite well-known by now. In my opinion, these are some of the best affordable shadow options on the market and I was curious to try one of their classics.

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Sunset

Because this palette has been around for a hot minute. I remember first seeing this reviewed years ago and I am reviewing it now because I think the shades in this are perfect for fall. At €10.49 and with international shipping available on their official website, this is also a brand that is highly accessible. They also do lots of different eyeshadow palettes in their regular collection. So if this is not your cup of tea, there are 22 other palettes to choose from.

The Packaging

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

Packaging wise, this brand lives by its name. The packaging is sleek, comes with a huge mirror in the lid and the classic, but not so handy applicator. It takes a while to get the hang of how these open (I’ve chipped many nails when trying to open one of these palettes), but once you do there really isn’t much to it.

The Product

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

When you open the palette, you get 12 shades, most of them shimmers. The only matte is a black and there is no matte highlight shade. A bit of a downside, because this means you always have to pull in something else to complete your look. And if you don’t like shimmers of course, but when you don’t mind a bit of shimmer on the lid like I do, then you’re in for a treat!

The Shades

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

The first quad in the palette contains a matte black, a red and two pinky red tones that look very similar in the pan. Nightfall, the black, is super intense and Horizon, the red are definitely more unique shades, especially for a drugstore product. The bottom two shades, Dusk and Eve, are pretty as neutral lid or crease shades and look stunning on the lower lash line.

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

Moving into oranges. On the top left we have Solstice, which is a super intense and shimmery copper. Next to that is fiery Afterglow, which will look great if you have a tan to deep skin tone. Dawn is a pretty peach shade, while Golden Hour is a stunning gold with a bronze undertone.

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

In the third part of the palette there are some more pops of color. Sunrise is a yellow toned gold and Skyline is a fun pop of blue that truly makes this a Sunset colored palette. You need that color of the ocean to get some contrast. Starry look very basic at first, but is a pretty shimmery champagne pink and is much more unusual on the eye than in the pan. Lastly, Serene: the only shade that could resemble some form of highlight on some people, but definitely not me.

The Swatches

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

Nightfall | Horizon | Solstice | Afterglow | Sunrise | Skyline
Dusk | Eve | Dawn | Golden Hour | Starry | Serene

I was never too fussed about this palette until I got it. I thought the shade selection was too random, but when super warm toned shadows hit it off big time last year, I just couldn’t resist. These are a little powdery, but when you tap off your brush they are easy enough to work with. I have had no issues with fading or disappearing with these either, but I do always use eyeshadow primers. The texture is smooth and blendable and the color pay off is intense. In short: what is not to love?

The Application

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

On the eye this makes for a fiery intense look. Compared to the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, this is much more colorful and less neutral. Those shades all have a brown base to them, which these don’t have. To my surprise, the colors go well together: I tried to use as many shades on my eyes as possible for this look and I even managed to put in the blue. I used the black to deepen the crease and I love a bit of orange. I was going for a dark to lighter effect from lash to brow bone with this and I have to say I like it

The Conclusion

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette sunset review swatch

Sleek just doesn’t disappoint with their I-Divine eyeshadow palettes. The Sunset palette is perfect for the fall time and for those people who just can’t get enough of warm toned eyeshadow. If you want to go for something more natural, I’d say go with Naked Heat. But if you’re strapped for cash and are looking for shadows that can give you that warm, fiery look, then this is a great option to go for.

What is your favorite Sleek palette?

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  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Nice looks!
    I already have this same palette with lovely colors 😉


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Great! I think these shades might suit you very well

  2. zazazoobeauty Avatar

    Hele mooie ooglook heb je gemaakt!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je!

  3. Silksache't Avatar

    i have the same palette, and i love all the colors

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It’s so fiery and pretty.

      1. Silksache't Avatar

        i t really is, its like when you open it, its a burst of energy

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