Most worn cardigans

My favorite fashion item for the fall time? A cardigan. Preferably a long one and it’s even better if I find it at Urban Outfitters. Why? Because of the 5 cardigans that I’m about to show you in today’s blog post, 4 are from Urban Outfitters. They are my favorite store for a big, oversized chunky knit cardigan and I own quite a few. Yes, that’s right, this isn’t all of them. Just my favorites because I whip these out the most.  most worn cardigans

My most worn cardigans

Some of these cardigans I have had for years. Other are more recent purchases. For the most part though, these have been around for a good while so that I know that I wear them loads. There are of course some basics here, but also two that are a little less standard and more unusual.


most worn cardigans

Black cardigan | Urban Outfitters

The first cardigan is also the most recent one. I bought this when I was in London last year. I found it on the last day I was there and knew the minute I saw it, that this would be a staple in my wardrobe. It is long: it reaches past my bum and I love wearing this with almost anything. Jeans & plain t-shirt? Check. With a dress? Check.

Grandpa style

most worn cardigans

Multi cardigan | Urban Outfitters.

Forget the Prince of Wales check that everyone is going crazy over at the moment. I did grandpa chic before it became a thing years ago. I bought this in Berlin… 5 years ago I’d say. So this has had some lovin’. But it still holds up very nicely which is why I love Urban Outfitters for knitwear. It just lasts much better and stay looking nice. Even if you wear it loads and have something for years.


most worn cardigans

Burgundy cardigan | Urban Outfitters

But that love has to start somewhere now does it? This is one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe and it is the first UO cardigan I bought. I bought this back in 2010 (!!). It hasn’t faded, still works with almost anything and I love how it is a bit different from the usual, but still plain enough to work well with my wardrobe. I especially throw this on over black and white dresses and this is a staple whenever I want to wear my cherry Dr. Marten’s: it is a perfect shade match.


most worn cardigans

Marled cardigan | Urban Outfitters

Someone has to stop me from buying grey. I love grey! Grey jeans, grey t-shirts, grey sweaters, grey cardigans: I own so many grey basics. What some people have with white or black, I have with grey. It’s my favorite neutral. This marled cardigan is a bit thinner than the others, but it is ultra soft and just a great staple to have. Because of its neutral tone it again works well with everything and I love the slouchy fit of this. And bonus: it has pockets!


most worn cardigans

Beige cardigan | H&M

I find beige a difficult color to pull off. Combined with my blond hair and pale complexion it just makes me look dead most of the time. But this cardigan does not! Again, an oldie but a goodie in my closet and one that I bring out every year. This does pill quite quickly: it is of a lesser quality than all the other ones here, but it is also the warmest and woolliest. And to give this super basic looking cardigan a bit of a twist: this does have some metallic thread running through it, but the camera never picks it up.

Do you have a few wardrobe staples that you wear all the time?

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  1. Hier een fan van vestjes! In alle soorten en kleuren. Wat heeft de rode ook een mooi werkje zeg 🙂

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