Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush

One of my favorite blushes for fall? The one I’ll be reviewing for you today. I love a mauve toned blush in the fall time and if it’s matte: all the better. The Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush ticks all the boxes for a blush I love. So you know this will be a raving review. Let’s get to it! Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush 05 Marsala

In case you don’t know Kiko: it is an Italian makeup brand that is quickly making its way around Europe. There are at least 2 stores in Amsterdam that I know of and I think there are plans to open more. It falls in the affordable/ drugstore category, but some products are more expensive than other. They do regular sales though, so there is always a chance that you can get products for cheaper. This blush retails for €8.95, which is a reasonable price for blush.

The Packaging

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

Kiko is not exactly known for their packaging, but I like the compact of this blush. It is small: it fits right in the palm of my hand and contains 6 grams of product. There is no real mirror: the compact is mirrored which is why it looks as if there is a mirror inside. This comes with no applicators or other extras. What you do get? One of the best blush shades on the planet.

The Shade

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

Marsala is a very neutral toned blush, but with a hint of plum. It is that dusty mauve pink that I love this time of year. I wear it in lipsticks, I wear it nail colors and I wear it in blush. Pretty much all of my favorite blush shades for the fall are this shade. What makes this unique is that it is completely matte and extremely wearable.

The Swatch

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

Since this is a trio blush, you get three shades that make one when blended together. In the swatch I have swatched each shade individually from left to right. On the far right, you can see the shade when everything is blended together. I love just swirling my brush in this and then apply. This isn’t super pigmented, but when it comes to blush that is a good thing. You don’t need a light hand with this and can just pile it on. The shade is very natural on my fair skin and wears well. I don’t have issues with blush fading on me in general, but I feel this is still on at the end of a workday.

The Application

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

Top: no blush. Bottom: with blush. As you can see the effect is subtle, but very natural. It gives the right amount of blush. It isn’t too pink. It isn’t too purple. It is just the right amount of color to keep things natural yet blushed looking. It blends easily and it is difficult to overapply this. The shade perhaps works best on fair skin tones. It does come in 6 shades in total, so if this isn’t for you, there are 5 other shades to look into.

The Conclusion

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio blush 05 review swatch

I really love shades like this, so I knew I would love this. In general, Kiko makes some great products and the Shade Fusion Trio blush is one of those gems that I think more people should know about. So here you go.

Are you familiar with Kiko? What products do you love?

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  1. KIKO makes some excellent products! I have this blush aswell (but in a different shade) and it is really great. Did you try their cream eyeshadow sticks or potted cream eyeshadows? They are among their best products I think 😊

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