Styling raw hem denim

Raw hem denim had piqued my interest for  some time, but I hadn’t yet found a pair that I loved until I spotted this black pair in the Topshop summer sale. I knew it wasn’t a very summery item, but I knew it would be perfect for fall. And I thought it would be cool to show you how I would style it up.  styling raw hem denim

Styling raw hem denim

My main problem with raw hem denim is that the seam is usually let out at the bottom of the jeans. Which looks great if you’re 5’7, but if you 5’1 like me, it isn’t a great look. I like how these ones are just cut off jeans with a frayed hem. They are from Topshop’s Moto range and have a little bit of give to them, but not too much. They are highwaisted and have a straight leg.

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styling raw hem denim

For fall, I would style this pair of jeans up with sweaters, obviously. I like pairing back jeans with oranges and browns for the fall time: there is something very autumnal to that color palette for me. I like styling them with boots or a sturdy shoe to keep things cool and casual.

Other items: sweater | H&M, shoes | Asos.

styling raw hem denim

For spring/ summer or nice days/ climates, I would pair this with some casual items. A pair of sneakers always dresses down an outfit and I love juxtaposing red and black. For a shirt, a plain t-shirt can work, but I wanted to add a little bit of fun to the outfit. You can’t see it very well, but the t-shirt has polkadots and frilly sleeves. This adds a girly touch to an otherwise quite boyish outfit.

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styling raw hem denim

However, a black pair of jeans is so versatile that it can go with anything. This time the outfit is all about the shoes. With raw hem denim, this is a great combination as the frayed hemline already draws the attention downwards. So by adding a fun pair of mules that accentuate the feet, give a little bit of extra height and elongate the legs, this very plain outfit is given a much needed boost.

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styling raw hem denim

But if you can wear prints at the bottom of the outfit, you can of course also add some more on top. This jacket works perfectly for it and I think the forest green and orange/ yellow tones of this are perfect for the fall. To maintain the focus of the outfit on the jacket, I played down the shoes and went for a black pair of sneakers. A lighter shirt underneath the jacket accentuates the jacket more as well. This outfit is all about contrast.

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How do you wear raw hem denim?

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