Nabla eyeshadow Selfish

Have you already heard of Nabla? This Italian makeup brand is slowly but surely making its way into the makeup realm and so it is no surprise if you haven’t heard of them yet. I already reviewed their Shade & Glow highlighter in Angel last summer, but now it is time for one of their shadows. Say hello to Selfish.

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

Nabla eyeshadow Selfish

Nabla Cosmetics is an affordable brand. I bought my products from a shop in Leiden called Makeup by Tatou (they also have a webshop), but it is also available from other online retailers. Their shadows can be bought individually in a pan or in a pot and they have recently started doing palettes as well. The single pan shadows are a little bit cheaper and for this shadow you will pay a little more too as the duochromes are a little bit more expensive. Still, at €12.95 this isn’t the most expensive eyeshadow and you can get it cheaper online.

The Packaging

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

To be honest, the packaging doesn’t blow me away. It’s just a straight up black plastic little pot that doesn’t feel too sturdy. The outer packaging this comes in is just a clear plastic floppy case, so again, nothing to write home about. It’s truly the shade that makes all the difference here.

The Product

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

Capturing Selfish in all of its beauty was hard! And swatches also don’t do this shadow justice. This is a duochrome eyeshadow that pulls grey, purple and pink depending on how the light hits it. In the pan, it looks mostly purple, but this picture above kind of shows you the amazing shift that runs through this.

The Swatch

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

When swatched, this may seem like nothing much, but this is one of those shades that you have to see on the lid to see its full potential. It swatches quite sheer, but with a boat load of shine and that gorgeous duochrome shift. This is definitely a color I didn’t have yet.

The texture of this is very creamy. Despite the amount of sparkle you see, you don’t feel that. It’s still a powder shadow though so that means you can blend this and it’s a very easy to work with formula as well. The shadow blends nicely and with a primer stays on the lid all day long.

The Application

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

For the application, I like how this shadow builds very nicely. This truly pops if you add a little bit more with your finger. That may seem like extra work, but I do that with many of my shimmer shades that I like wearing all over the lid. If you go in with a bit of finger action, you can simply pack on the shimmer so much better.

What I have found with this shade is that it is not only gorgeous by itself. It also works marvelously over Dance Party by Colourpop. This creamy purple number amps up the purple and shine in this shadow and I feel those two products complement each other quite well. But as you can see here, even by itself, this shade is simply gorgeous.

The Conclusion

nabla eyeshadow selfish review swatch duochrome

Nabla eyeshadows don’t only come in these duochrome shades, but also in more neutral and everyday colors. The refill pans are super affordable, but if you’re willing to pay a little bit more, you will get some more unique shades that no other brand is doing. So if you are looking for a great shadow that can up your makeup look to the next level, then Selfish by Nabla Cosmetics would be it.

Do you where duochrome eyeshadow?

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