Lush favorites

I am not a massive Lush fan. You all know I’m a TBS girl at heart. But that doesn’t mean that I think there aren’t any great Lush products out there. In fact, one of my holy grail, all time favorite products, is by Lush. Do you know which one it is? This blog post will give you 5 of my current 2017 Lush favorites.  lush favorites ultrabland angels on bare skin massage bar shower jelly

Lush favorites

Needles and Pines Shower Jelly – In bath products Lush is not my favorite. I prefer a classic shower gel and ever since Lush discontinued my favorite shower gel by them, I have not really found anything I like in there. Until I found Needles and Pines! This has a very fresh scent that wakes you right up. I am afraid this was limited edition though or discontinued, because I can no longer find it on the Lush website.

93,000 Miles Shower Jelly – This shower jelly is still available though and I love this as it is really soothing for tired and sore muscles. Great for use after a workout! It contains peppermint and cinnamon, which is a surprising combination of scents if you ask me. Shower Jellies are a little fussy as they slide around everywhere, but I like to cut them into little pieces before first use and that way you can easily use a bit at a time.

Angels on Bare Skin – You knew this one was coming right? This is that holy grail product I told you about in the intro of this post. I have used this for years, it was the first proper review I ever put up on my blog and I am still using it. I notice such a big difference in my skin between when I am and am not using this product, that I keep coming back to it. I mainly use it as a gentle scrub 2 – 3 times a week.

Pearl Massage Bar – This floral scented massage bar is another great one if you have sore muscles or if your skin can use a little extra. I am not a fan of body lotions, but these bars are great. They melt onto the skin, leaving behind a layer of oil that your then rub in. I find I never use too much with this and that’s why I love it. I bought this after I had some issues with a sunburn after forgetting to bring sunscreen on a trip. This massage bar worked miracles to soothe my skin and make it feel better.

Ultrabland Cleanser – Another cult favorite that took me some time to get the hang off is Ultrabland Cleanser. This is a cream to oil face cleanser that gently removes all of your makeup. I am finding myself reaching for a richer cleanser now that it is definitely getting colder here. I love using this for taking off that first layer of makeup. Afterwards i go in with a toner or micellar water to take off any excess. I reviewed this last year.

What Lush product is your favorite?

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