We interrupt this programme to bring you important news…

Today’s blog post is a quicky to let you know that today will be a little quiet on here and on Youtube. I have not been able to upload a video this weekend because of several reasons. That’s why I figured I would come here and give you a quick update instead.

site update


In case you were unaware, I have been struggling with laptop issues since early November. Just after the move, my ancient and nearly fossilized laptop (it is coming on 7 years now) gave blue screen after blue screen with brief spells of being in working order in between. I was able to use it still though and apart from losing all my software, there really wasn’t too much of an issue. I knew that I had to be rather quick with acquiring a new laptop though.

So late November I decided to bite the bullet and placed an order. Only that went horribly wrong. I won’t go into it too much, but some bad customer’s service, my own mistake, Black Friday mayhem, a lost laptop and a bounced credit card later, I have finally managed to acquire a new laptop. In the mean time though, I have been struggling through numerous Windows 10 reinstalls, updates, blue screens, no longer functioning laptop keyboards and just too much time spent waiting rather than actively doing something for the blog.

Now that I have a new laptop though, I of course spent the past few days setting it up, transferring files and trying to get everything to work to my liking. I also bought a Google Chromecast Audio and while it works fine with my phone, I can’t get it my laptop to cast any sound to it though, so that has taken a lot more time than anticipated. Add on the fact that my dad and brother came over to do some last bits around the house and just overall teacher-before-christmas-break fatigue and I just haven’t been able to film, let alone edit a video for this Sunday’s post.

I hope to continue setting everything up today, so that as of tomorrow everything will be in working order. I am very much looking forward to not having to wait 2 hours for a Windows reinstall before I can blog again. So I know that once I have everything just right, everything will be fine. But that does mean there is no video today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a brand new beauty related blog post.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. Getting a new laptop – while exciting – is SUCH a pain! I never realized how much I customized my laptop until I get a new one… I hope it all went smoothly for you!

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