Essence Metal Chrome blush

Shimmer and shine is the IT makeup aspect of the season. Be it in a lip color (shimmery lip gloss is back in vogue people!), an eyeshadow or in a blush: if it’s got a metallic shine it is all the rage right now. And I like a good deal of shine. In an eyeshadow, but not so much on my cheeks if it isn’t a highlight. Still, I was curious when I spotted these new Metal Chrome blushes by Essence. So I decided to pick one up and try it out.

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

Essence Metal Chrome Blush Copper Crush

Essence is of course an incredibly affordable brand and I have tried many of their products. Some I absolutely love, the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel for instance, others I absolutely hate. It is always a little bit hit or miss for me, but if a blush only costs €2.99 a piece, then it is a worth a shot. If this is a winner, it is going to be an absolute steal.

The Packaging

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

One thing that never wows me about Essence products is the packaging. It is always clean cut and simple. This does mean no space is wasted on unwanted brushes and packaging isn’t overly bulky due to mirrors or other fancy looking aspects. No, this is just a straight up plastic compact with a sticker. Sometimes that is all you need!

The Blush

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

In the pan, this product doesn’t look very copper to me despite the name. The shade looks more like a warm taupe shade: it definitely has something neutral and muted about it. But if you look closely you can also clearly see the shimmer particles in this products. See that icy sheen in the left hand corner? That is what we’re talking about.

The Swatch

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

To do the product somewhat justice, I added in two photos. On the left you can see the blush straight on. Also in the swatch this doesn’t look like copper to me. It’s more of a mauvy pink, almost rose gold shade. When you turn your hand so it catches the light, this blush truly comes alive. That icy sheen comes to life and what you get is a product that seems a perfect marriage between a blush and a highlight.

Pigmentation is good, blendability is great and what I love most about this is how the color does also transfer onto the face. Sometimes with shimmery cheek products, the shimmer is all that is left on your cheek after you apply it, but this also has good color pay off. Due to the high shine this does give a very glowy look and that is something that needs to be up your street. If you like a matte blush, this is not for you!

The Application

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

On the top you can see the before: bronzer, contour & highlight. In the bottom picture you can see the effect of the blush. Can you see just how much shine this adds to the cheek? On top of that, my cheek also has a subtle more rosy toned look. This blush is incredibly cool toned though, because of that nearly silver flash. So this will be stunning on neutral or cool toned skin tones and especially my fair ladies out there. If you have a medium to deep or warmer undertone this might turn out very grey on you.

The Conclusion

essence metal chrome blush review swatch copper crush

The Essence Metal Chrome blush in Copper Crush has surprised me. I had not expected this to be this pretty. I don’t reach for it often as it is so shimmery and that is not a look I go for on the daily. However, if you need that extra sparkle this Holiday season, then this is a great blush to look into. I think this will be the blush I’ll be wearing to my work’s Christmas party.

Do you like shimmery blush?

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