Instanails #11

I haven’t worn nail polish in months, which is why I have decided to whip out a blog post that has been pending for a while. Usually, I gather 6 pictures of recent manicures and then put them together in a post. Since it’s been a while since I last wore polish and I haven’t had any interest in wearing any for some time now, I decided to just cut to the chase and do my, for now, last instanail blog post.



I wore this on my nails for a review of the new Catrice The Brown Collection. These new polishes launched for the fall/ winter 2017 collection and I bought them because I thought the looked stunning. The polish lasted reasonably well and that darker shade, Unmistakable Style, is one I would definitely wear more often if nail polish was still a thing I would be wearing regularly.


The type of shades I’d had been loving the most this year were neutrals. Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic is one of those classic neutral shades. It is a stunning taupe that is great for any occasion. Looking at this makes me want to sit down and do my nails again.


This is another look which I made to try out some new products. Part of the Essence Blossom Dreams collection were some powders that give a metallic or duochrome effect to the nail. I bought both powders and layered it over a limited edition polish by Catrice. This is from the Pulse of Purism collection and this shade of blue was one of my favorites to wear over the spring time.


And then Catrice decided to revamp their enire nail polish line. Out with the old and in with the new is what they were thinking. So I bought some of the new Icon Nails to try and wore this dusty rose shade first. This is one coat of Rosywood Hills and it stayed on surprisingly well.


The last manicure I have to show you was another one of the trials of the revamped Catrice Icon Nails. Cloud Nine is a pale greyish blue. Remember what I said about my loving light blue shades this past spring? Well case in point, because I wore these colors non-stop which is why I picked up another one when I spotted the new Catrice line in stores.

Have you been wearing nail polish lately?

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