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Catrice has completely revamped their nail polish line. I already spotted them on Instagram, but now I also spotted them in store. I decided to pick up three shades to try out and see how they work. I have yet to wear them on my nails, but I was so enthusiastic at first swatch, that I just couldn’t contain myself and just HAD to write this blog post straightaway.

 photo catriceiconnails1_zpspnftoy7z.jpgCatrice Icon Nails
Rosywood Hills, Cloud Nine, Beetlejuice

One thing I noticed about the range is the amount of creamy polishes. Most of the revamped line consists of straight up creams. There is hardly any shimmer around and the emphasis lies with neutral shades with a few classic pops of color. But there are no shades that are too crazy: no yellows, or bright greens for instance. The price has stayed the same: these still retail for €2.99 each.

The Packaging

 photo catriceiconnails2_zpslstbr2mv.jpgThe most drastic change from the old polishes is the packaging. Before the bottles were round, now they are square. They have the renewed Catrice logo stenciled onto the front and the name is written on a sticker on the back. Like a high end polish, the square cap comes off first, revealing a smaller round cap that actually closes the polish. As usual, Catrice aces it by making a budget friendly product look 100x more luxurious than it actually is.

The Brush & Formula

 photo catriceiconnails3_zpsdgj6pori.jpgThe main reason for the change seems to be a renewed formula. It should now be longer lasting and give a gel like shine. The formula especially seems to be thicker: I was able to swatch the creams with just one coat. The brush is wider and fluffier than before. A downside to me, as my nails are small and the wider and fluffier a brush, the messier things get for me. However this does allow you to do your nails with one swipe.

18 Beetlejuice

 photo catriceiconnails6_zps55hakpat.jpgBeetlejuice is one of the very few shades with some shine to it. It is also a duochrome: the only one in the entire collection. The name already suggests the shade this has: like the armor of a beetle, this duochrome polish shifts from green to brown to purple to silver. The consistency of this was thinner than the creams and it took two coats to swatch opaquely.

16 Cloud Nine

 photo catriceiconnails5_zpsnsa9mzxw.jpgCloud Nine stood out to me the minute I spotted it. There was also a mint green that caught my eye, but I simply wear blues more often than greens. It is a very pale, grey toned blue with a very white base to it. I think this looks very fresh on the nails. This went on opaque on the swatch with just one coat.

10 Rosywood Hills

 photo catriceiconnails4_zpsytbcxklz.jpgI’m a sucker for all things rosy toned and that is why I wanted to get this. Rosywood Hills is a very brown toned rose. It only has a slight hint of purple to it, but it is mainly a warm toned polish. It is just a good neutral to have and I think a very universally flattering shade that will be very popular. This also went on opaque with just one coat in the swatch.

The Swatches

 photo catriceiconnails7_zpsythiwvo7.jpgBeetlejuice – Cloud Nine – Rosywood Hills

I personally like all three of these shades. I am not sure how often I will be wearing Beetlejuice as I prefer my creams over my shimmer and shines nowadays, but I think it is still a unique shade to have. I am glad Catrice decided to keep some unique shades in the range. Cloud Nine and Rosywood Hills are shades that I love and now I will be getting use out of. I will be trying these out on my nails on my Instagram in the next few weeks, so follow me @indiequeen84 to check out the updates!

The Conclusion

I am pleasantly surprised by this renewed range by Catrice. Icon Nails definitely is a chicer, more grown up version of the nail polish line they already had. Some of the old shades have been revamped into the new formula, while some shades are unique to this line. The brush isn’t my favorite and I won’t be wearing nail polish without a top coat any time soon, but I am sure that if these impress me as much as they do at a first glance, that more will be added to my collection.

What do you think of the new Catrice Icon Nails range?

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