Biodermal SPF 50+ fluid for face

Summer is here! Quite rapidly this weekend the weather changed and we’ve been having sun filled skies and high summer time temperatures. When it’s this hot and the sun is shining so brightly, it is of course important to use a good SPF. Since I spend my days mostly indoors in the winter time and my skin is hardly exposed to the sun in the winter months, I always forego SPF during those months. However, the minute the sun peeks out, I start slapping on that SPF. And I have found my favorite facial SPF that causes no break outs, yet keeps that nasty burn at bay.

 photo biodermalfluide1_zpsbqdq2lmo.jpgBiodermal Zonnefluide SPF 50+ for face

I am not sure how widely available this brand is. I believe Biodermal is a Dutch brand, so this may be hard to get. But it is still my favorite facial SPF out there. I use this as my SPF when I forego the makeup and know I will be spending time outside a lot. Think vacations, drinks outside, or a trip to the beach or the park. I don’t like wearing makeup when it is this hot, so I did not test this underneath makeup.

The Price

 photo biodermalfluide2_zps2vgu20ea.jpgIt is much more expensive than another facial SPF I tried some years ago. That was the Etos Suncare 50+ SPF which retails for €7.49. This one costs €17.99, but I usually buy it on sale and during the summer months those sales are on regularly. Another advantage to this is that it is available year round, whereas the Etos version is only available seasonally.

The Packaging & Ingredients

 photo biodermalfluide3_zps9bvafxfw.jpgThe packaging of this is quite handy. It is a small bottle that allows you to pour some of the liquidy product onto your hand after which you can easily apply it to the face. The cap twists shut easily and securely, something that is especially handy for sunscreen as a leaking bottle can be quite the nightmare to take off.

Ingredient wise I don’t know too much about SPF to be honest, but why I use this product is because regular sunscreen clogs up my pores and gives me breakouts quite easily. I also find that body SPF does less of a good job at protecting the more delicate areas of your face and the tops of the ears for instance. It spreads easily, is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave a white cast. It also has mattifying properties, which means this doesn’t give your face that awkward SPF shine.

The Swatch

 photo biodermalfluide4_zpsfcrglepu.jpgThis product is very much a liquid as you can tell. Or a fluid as the name would suggest. It has a thin, almost watery consistency and that typical SPF smell. It works wonders though. If I use this and use it well, I don’t burn. It also stays put and doesn’t really ooze out of your pores when you sweat. It works well over other skincare items and is easy to top up throughout the day. I wore this daily when I was in Orlando last month and didn’t burn, not even once.

The Conclusion

Needless to say, I keep a back up of this in my cupboard at all times. I always keep one or two closed bottles of SPF in my beauty drawers so I always have some on hand when I need it. The bottle is small and therefore easy to carry around during the summer time and since I only use this one my face, it does last me a fairly long time. But if I’m stuck in a rut, I will also apply this to my shoulders and neck to ensure I’m protected.

Do you use a separate SPF for the face?

4 responses to “Biodermal SPF 50+ fluid for face”

  1. I need to buy this one….
    Even wen you have a dark or light brown skincolour I need to use this and with a SPF.
    Yes I do the same!
    I use to buy always some extra and keep it in my cupboard 😉


  2. In the winter its just whatever is built into my moisturizer, but in the summertime I like Neutrogena. I’ve used the one specifically for faces, the baby formula, & in a pinch the dry spray. All of those really have been gentle & get the job done☉

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