Beauty room/ office tour

Beauty room/ office tour

Do I now have a beauty room? I am not too sure, but I knew the minute I bought this house that I wanted the spare bedroom to be an office/ blogging space. I mainly just wanted at least one room in the house where I could make a mess if I wanted to and leave it be. Whether it is because I am grading papers at home, or have tons of products lying about for taking pictures: I wanted one room where that wouldn’t be a problem and to separate different parts of my life. This is what I came up with. Β beauty room office tour

Beauty Room/ Office Tour

My office is like I said just a spare bedroom, but when I moved in here, part of the room had already been converted to a wardrobe. That’s why it made sense to me to turn that part of the house into an office. With plenty of space left, I put in a new desk that is long enough for two uses: a makeup station/ vanity AND a place to work on my computer. I was able to put in some shelves for decoration and plenty of storage for office and makeup bits.

I hope you enjoyed the video and have a great Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Beauty room/ office tour

  1. That’s so great! Having your own space just for blogging and working seems so nice! You’ve set it up in a way that makes it look so lovely.
    I’m currently in a 2 bedroom apartment, and my husband and I share the 2nd bedroom as our joint-office. It’s just a little bit cramped. πŸ˜‰ One day I hope to have my own blogging space like yours!

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