5 Star Reads of 2017

Bonus video time!!! I have been playing with the idea of uploading a second video in the week and today is the first one. I am not sure to what extent I can make this a regular thing, but I simply have so many video ideas that I want to share more in this way. Time may be an issue at times, which is why I am not making any promises as to how regular these will be popping up. Yet, the most difficult part of anything is starting with it. So here it is! 5 star reads of 2017

5 Star Reads of 2017

In this extra video I will talk you through the 6 books that I read in 2017 and rated 5 stars on Goodreads. I’m a picky reader and am not likely to give out 5 star ratings to books. I have to love a book a lot or it has to leave a certain impression for me to find a book worth 5 stars. For me, this was the cream of the crop of my 2017 reading year. What were yours?

Books mentioned:

  • Neil Gaiman – American Gods
  • Ernest Cline – Ready Player One
  • Jonathan Stroud – Lockwood & Co The Creeping Shadow
  • Ben Aaronovitch – Peter Grant | The Hanging Tree
  • Jim Butcher – Dresden Files #1 Storm Front
  • Jennifer Donnolley – These Shallow Graves

What were your best reads of 2017?

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