Make Up Revolution Radiant Light highlighter

Often the products I try are very carefully picked out. I request and receive little to no PR. Most of the items I am just not that interested in, so I’d rather buy products that I love than receive lots of free stuff that I am not remotely interested in. So it hardly ever happens that I have a product lying about that I am not so curious after. However, when I placed an order at a Dutch makeup website last year, I received this highlighter as a freebee. Is it any good?

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

Make Up Revolution Radiant Light Radiant Lights Highlighter Exhale

This highlighter retails for different prices online. This single is not available everywhere, but retails between €4.50 and €6.99. If you like this and want to get it, then the best way to get it is through buying the Radiance Highlighter Palette by Make Up Revolution: for €11.49 this will give you two additional shades. In short, you could say this is an affordable highlighter, so the price point is great.

The Packaging

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

The highlighter has quite straightforward packaging. The outer box is more exciting than the actual compact to be quite honest. The box shows the product and name very clearly. I like how the compact has a good sized mirror: it’s the size of the lid. And the product itself? That takes up the entire pan as well, so no space is wasted by a brush no one will ever use.

The Product

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

This is what Exhale looks like. I would say this is a champagne highlighter shade. As you can tell from the pan, this looks quite chunky: there are clear glitter particles visible in the pan. In terms of highlighters, I think there are other, better highlighters that are as affordable or even cheaper than this that look a lot smoother in the pan. However, you don’t know how this will go if you don’t try it. Let’s swatch!

The Swatch

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

Swatch wise this is the best I can possibly do. And whelp… I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed. This swatched super sheer. You can again see the glitter particles. Where I am used to highlighters feeling smooth and buttery, this felt dry and chalky. Most of the powder simply blows away and I just found the overall texture quite weird.

The Application

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

What was even more disappointing was how this product performed on the face. Sure you get a decent amount of glow out of this highlighter. Moreover, despite there being obvious glitter in the pan and the swatch, luckily this doesn’t look too glittery. What is wrong with this is the color! While you see a great champagne shade in the pan and even the swatch promises to be a little bit more warm toned, this applies like an icy white, almost silver shade on my cheeks. It also takes a long time to build this up to get a good effect. I had to dip in a few times to get this effect.

The Conclusion

make up revolution radiant light highlighter exhale review swatch

Since I mostly try out products that I am pretty sure I will like, not many of my reviews are negative. However, I would not recommend the Make Up Revolution Radiant Lights highlighter in Exhale. Sadly, I find the texture too dry: there are better highlighters out there for a similar amount of money. Additionally, this highlighter looks different on the skin than in the pan. So this is a no from me.

What makeup product did you try that you disappointed you?

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  1. Great review!
    Because I’ve tought this will be good for me…
    But not.
    I really don’t like a dry skin after using this glowy and shinny highlighter…..


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