Favorite H&M dresses

By now you should be aware that I love myself a bit of H&M. Mainly because their online store is easy to use and shipping is quick and easy (and now even free at all times!) I tend to shop there quite frequently. Combine that love with my love for dresses and you get a match made in heaven. Over the years, I have found some great dresses at H&M and I thought it would be cool which dresses have truly stood the test the of time.  favorite H&M dresses

Favorite H&M dresses

Now that I see this opening picture, I am spotting two red dresses that I somehow forgot to feature in the close up pictures. They are firm favorites though! But there is one featured in this blog post and the other is featured in this one. So luckily I do have them captured for you in more detail.

The Wiggle Dress

favorite H&M dresses

Asos call these dresses Wiggle dresses, but they are also known as fitted or tulip dresses. The style is defined by a fitted waste and a skirt that first flares out to skim the hips and then tapers down towards the end of the skirt. This is very fitted and I love it because it is intricate. It has an oriental style print and an almost embossed pattern running through it. It is one of my dressier items and I love pairing this with a pink fluffy cardigan and pink heels.

The Palm Print

favorite H&M dresses

Leaf, floral and other nature inspired prints on clothing are some of my favorites, but especially in a dress. This is a busy print and not something I would wear in a top or bottom that quickly, but in a dress it works. As a dress is pretty much an outfit on its own, I don’t mind going with a busier print. This is still black and white, which makes this a lot easier to wear. The dress is a skater style fitted with a full circle skirt: super flattering.

The Lace Dress

favorite H&M dresses

Apart from busy prints, dresses are also great to add some texture to your outfit. A lace dress in particular is one of my favorite ways to do just that. I got this years ago and it’s definitely one that is a firm staple in my wardrobe. It has a very flattering shape, buttons on the back and a zip on the side. It has quite a full skirt and I love this especially in the winter time, despite the light color. This pairs well with burgundy which is why it is perfect for this time of year.

The Striped Dress

favorite H&M dresses

Another classic to own is anything striped. For me, a striped dress is the epitome of a good staple. So I own several, but this H&M dress is my favorite. The different blocks of stripes make this super flattering on: because of those little triangles in the waist area, this gives just the right amount of shape. Secondly, this is made of a stretchy jersey material. And that makes it super comfortable.

The Colorful Dress

favorite H&M dresses

This H&M Trend number was one I uhmed and arred about a lot. It is made of a scuba like material and it is quite out there. Since the Trend line is a bit more expensive, I was unsure how much wear I would get out of this. I haven’t regretted it one minute. This dress is so easy to style, believe it or not! It is great for spring parties, weddings, graduation ceremonies: anywhere you need to be a bit more dressed up really. But because it is quite spunky, this is anything but boring.

The Allrounder

favorite H&M dresses

Last but not least, another super comfortable dress. Like the striped dress this is made of a stretchy jersey material. It is also a bit thicker, so it is great for the winter time. However, with a denim blouse or a colored cardigan, it is perfect year round. It is also easy to dress up. The pattern isn’t so casual that it won’t work in more formal occasions. All you need is to throw on a blazer and a pair of heels and you’re good to go.

Do you have favorite items from H&M?

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