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I never really got on the brow pomade bandwagon. Not one to overemphasize my brows by any means, I didn’t get the hype surrounding the Anastasia Dip Brow. But then I found the NYX Brow Pomade and was curious to try. It wasn’t my favorite, but then I came across the cheap and cheerful rendition by Freedom and decided to give it one more try. freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

Freedom Eyebrow Pomade Taupe

I bought mine from the website. What I noticed first of all was how great a shade range this brand has for this product. That was my problem with the NYX pomade: the shade range was too limited and there was not a good enough shade match for my brows. After looking at some swatches, I went with Taupe and paid €5.95, which is a very affordable price for a product like this.

The Packaging

freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

The packaging of the pomade is clean and simple. What surprised me most was that this comes in an actual glass jar. No cheap plastic here and the lid feels actually sturdy. Which is needed with a product like this, because the NYX one I had started drying out very quickly. This I have had for a while and it doesn’t show any signs of drying yet.

The Product

freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

In the jar, this pomade looks like a murky brown color. I wasn’t too sure about it when I first looked at it. It looks too light and too warm. Other than that, this looks like a pomade should look.

The Swatch

freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

What a surprise this was when I started swatching it. For one, the color looked neither warm nor too cool, but just right. With a brush it was also very easy to draw very precise, browlike hairs. The NYX one I tried was far less precise than this. And that is all down to the texture of this product. The formula isn’t too wet, nor too dry. This is just right and it thus avoids you from taking up too much on the brush or too little. One tiny little dip and you will have enough for one brow.

The Application

freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

The result? A nicely filled, but not too strongly defined brow. Above you can see the before and after. This is the kind of brow I like: it is still natural, but my brow looks fuller and more even. The effect is not too strong and the biggest reason for wanting to try a pomade is because it simply lasts a long time. With a product like this, your brows stay in place all day.

The Conclusion

freedom brow pommade gel review swatch dupe drugstore

While a pomade is a more time consuming way of doing brows, I have now found one that actually works. Where my first experience with brow pomades was quite cumbersome, the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade is a product that much better suits my needs. Additionally it is also one of the cheapest brow pomades on the market. What’s not to like?

What brow pomade do you like to use?

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