Favorite ASOS pieces

ASOS is one of my favorite fashion retailers. The online only shop offers many different brands, but I happen to love their name brand items best. At first I only shopped there for dresses: they offered more and more unique items that you didn’t see everyone wearing here. They still do, but after falling in love with their dress offerings, I also found plenty of other items. These are my top 5 favorite purchases from ASOS.

favorite asos pieces fashion

Sheer cream blouse

This blouse was one of my first purchases from ASOS. It is a very lightweight material and the soft shade goes with many darker items. And you know an item is your favorite if you keep on wearing it. Even if it is missing two buttons. Even if there is a minuscule hole in the back after getting it caught in a zipper. Yet, I will pull this blouse out a few times a year and especially in the spring/ fall time.

favorite asos pieces fashion

Green pleated skirt

A vintage style skirt is always one of my favorite and this skirt is a firm favorite mainly because of the color. I actually love pairing it with the blouse in the first picture. It is one of my favorite fall outfits. This skirt is made of a very thick, scuba like material which means it is quite weighty and that makes the skirt hang nicely. My favorite way to wear it is with a blouse and a pair of brogues for that added vintage vibe.

favorite asos pieces fashion

Jeans are a staple of course and you know that I usually go to Topshop for my jeans. However, ASOS do some great ones too. This is a pair of girlfriend jeans was one of the first jeans I tried from the online retailer. It does have a coarser texture than the Topshop jeans, but I find it fits well with this type of jeans. It is one of my favorite to wear in the spring time and love wearing it with my red converse and a simple t-shirt.

favorite asos pieces fashion

Dresses were my first ASOS love and so it would be strange not to include one. In the end my favorite type of dress to shop for on ASOS are ‘Wiggle Dresses’. That is what the website calls dresses that are fitted on top, skim wider over the hips and then narrow down towards the knee. The skirt has a tulip style skirt and it is a style that is very flattering on my body type. This one in particular looks really badly on the hanger, but when I wear it, I always get nothing but compliments.

favorite asos pieces fashion

Shoes are another great thing that I love to shop for on ASOS. Boots and Chelsea boots in particular are my favorites. This pair of brown boots is one of my favorites: this was the only pair of shoes I wore on recent trips. They are comfy and I had them resoled twice. One reason why I like ASOS for shoeshopping is the fact that they have a large offering of wide fit and smaller size which I find difficult to find anywhere else.

What ASOS item is your favorite?

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