What I Watch on Youtube

What I Watch on Youtube

You may have heard of how fewer and fewer people are watching regular television broadcasts. I am one of the culprits I’m afraid. Apart from some Salvage Hunters (I’m recently obsessed!), Master Chef and the odd news broadcast, I am not much of a TV watcher. I am much more into watching Netflix, but mostly Youtube, especially lately. But then what do I watch? what I watch on youtube

What I watch on Youtube?

Since I make beauty, fashion and book videos mostly myself, that is also what I enjoy watching the most myself. In the video I mostly tap into what I like to watch from beauty channels, but also what I don’t enjoy as much anymore. Just goes to show that also in terms of content, your preferences change as to what you like to watch. But I don’t only watch beauty videos though. Watch the video to find out!

What do you watch on Youtube?


8 thoughts on “What I Watch on Youtube

  1. Aside from beauty videos, I watch movie reviews, animal rescues, food tasting, late night shows, and animated shorts. I’m always looking for new things to watch!

  2. I actually only watch music videos. I mostly have no patience for other stuff: I prefer to read information instead of watching it, because videos are always so slow… I’m weird like that 😉

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