5 favorite eyeshadow palettes

Today we’re talking a difficult, yet necessary topic: choosing my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Was it a hard task? Of course. Palettes are my number 1 favorite makeup product to buy, try and use. Eyeshadow was my first love. Even when I wasn’t that much into makeup, eyeshadow was the first makeup product I started using regularly. I loved the colors and I loved trying out new combinations. Hence my love for palettes. If I had to pick 5 palettes that I would repurchase in a heartbeat, I would pick these.  5 favorite eyeshadow palettes

In today’s video I talk you through my 5 absolute favorites. Not only would I repurchase these if I ran out of them, but also if all my makeup disappeared overnight in a fire or robbery, I would rush out to get my hands on these again. They are all very neutral and perfect for everyday wear. That is what I love wearing the most myself and it is perfect for work. All these palettes also work wonderfully well if you’re fair skinned.

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?

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