Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques makeup sponge

Let’s talk cult beauty products for a minute okay? In the world of makeup there are these products that quickly and consistently have a cult status. In terms of makeup application tools, the makeup sponge, once shunned as a useless, made a huge comeback when Beauty Blender launched their revolutionary new sponge. And as with everything that becomes an overnight sensation, other brands started copying it. I already reviewed the Primark one, which I love. However, the original copy of the Beauty Blender is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.  beauty blender real techniques makeup sponge review

Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion makeup sponge

So for this blog post, I thought I would compare the two. I have used these sponges for years. This review will therefore go beyond price point and how it works. It also factors in how long these will keep over time. Will they mold? Break? And how do they clean?

Let’s dive straight in by talking about the price point. Beautyblender is the more expensive of the two of course: it retails for €19.95. Now the Real Techniques sponge I have came in a two pack, but a single can cost anything between €5 and €8 depending on where you get it. For reference: the Primark one is €2 for a two pack.

The Packaging

beauty blender real techniques makeup sponge review

The packaging for these is quite distinct. Beautyblender comes in a little round container. If you’re careful enough with it you can use it as a little stand after using it and wait for it to dry. Real Techniques’ version doesn’t have that and the packaging is a little more inconvenient. Once opened the plastic container cannot be reused and has to be tossed. After a while the Beautyblender container also started to fall apart though and so it only worked for a little while.


beauty blender real techniques makeup sponge review

What makes Beautyblender so special is that it softens when you wet the sponge. It also grows in size. This was the first sponge of its kind and many people still swear by it, despite it having some awesome dupes. And I get it. I did make one mistake though: I bought the red. This was a limited edition and sadly the red pigment in the sponge transfers when I wash and wet the sponge. I haven’t had issues with it transferring when I do my makeup though so that is a great thing, but still. It’s scary.

I have had this sponge for nearly 3 years. However, I didn’t use this every day. I go back and forth using sponges and I have since found that I love using a sponge with more full coverage, thicker foundations. Also in the summer time, a sponge works to make sure your foundation lasts. I like the shape of this as it has an egg shape and a pointed edge that also makes this easy to use for concealer. It has held up well: after nearly 3 years this hasn’t ripped, torn or gotten moldy.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

beauty blender real techniques makeup sponge review

The cheaper alternative was one I loved as much, maybe even more than the Beautyblender at first. This works really well. It has a nice bounce to it, becomes just as soft and even though I took pictures to be able to show you the difference between these two sponges, there was nothing to be seen. So when it comes down to how this sponge works, it is pretty much comparable to the Beautyblender.

However, there are also some telling differences. The big selling point of this sponge is the different shape this has. I love the sides for larger parts of the face, but the flat side is great for chins & foreheads and it is really great around the nose and eye area as well. This sponge sadly also comes with a big downside: after washing it a few times it will pretty much start to fall apart. It doesn’t clean well and will generally tear after about a year of non-daily use. So while it is cheaper, it does mean more replacements are needed.

The Conclusion

Overall, I was very much in favor of the Real Techniques makeup sponge at first. I really didn’t see why I would shell out the extra money and invest in a Beautyblender. However, given the fact that the Real Techniques sponge isn’t as longlasting, I would choose the Beautyblender in the end. It just last a lot better and I see no difference in the final results between the two. I still love the Primark one better though, but that still has to stand the test of time.

What makeup sponge is your favorite?

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  1. My Real Techniques sponge fell apart really quickly! I also don’t use the flat side at all so I prefer the bulbous egg shape better. My favourite sponges are from Quo, H&M, and The Face Shop.

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