Favorite basic items

Today’s fashion blog post is a tad boring I have to admit. But basics are just not so exciting to write about. However, they are a necessary evil and for some reason I always find them the hardest to shop for. When I couldn’t find my favorite black t-shirt anymore at a Forever 21 store, I instantly felt a void that I found nearly impossible to fill. Luckily I have now found the website still does them, so guess what I will be stocking up on once I finish writing this blog post? favorite basic fashion items

Favorite basic items

So I like my basics to be affordable. Because I wear them a lot, they break quicker, fade more easily and discolor in the case of lighter colors. So I know I will be replacing these every year or 2 to begin with, so I don’t want them to cost a fortune. But finding good basics that stand the test of time a little bit and don’t look ugly after one wash are difficult to find. These are my key picks.

favorite basic fashion items

Asos bandeau

This bralette is one that is a must have in my wardrobe. Especially in the summer time, tops are lower cut, have open backs or other bits of skin on show that I would rather not show off. These bandeau tops are a blessing to make any outfit a bit more decent and work appropriate. It covers what I need to cover and what’s more, it comes in a three pack with a white, black and a nude, so enough to cover all grounds in your wardrobe as well.

favorite basic fashion items

H&M ribbed tank top

H&M tanks are my favorites! I love this ribbed one particularly but I also have a couple that are not textured and I used these to layer year round. In the winter these are great to retain some warmth and in the summer time they make for a great coverup. Nude tanks are great for layering under sheer or other fabrics that are a bit too transparent otherwise, so this is perfect for solving just that problem.

favorite basic fashion items

H&M black stretchy skirt

I love wearing skirts like this in the winter time. While most people may not wear skirts in the winter time, I find it actually is warmer than a thin layer of denim jeans. So I wear this with thick tights and a chunky knit sweater on top and it’s one of the warmer outfits you can possibly wear. Because the skirt is tight and stretchy it is super comfy, yet keeps you warm and goes well with a lumpy sweater on top.

favorite basic fashion items

Forever 21 grey t-shirt

I already mentioned my favorite t-shirts at the beginning of the blog post. They are by Forever 21 and this is the first one I will be showing you. Where most people swear by white t-shirt, I’m just too clumsy to keep those clean though, so I prefer a grey t-shirt. Grey shirts are great because they are neutral, but not too dark and too light. Grey goes with everything. Whenever I don’t know what to wear with a bright outfit, I through on a grey basic with it and I just know it will work.

favorite basic fashion items

Forever 21 Black v-neck tee

My favorite basic t-shirt is this one by Forever 21 though. They do this in a multitude of shades and it’s super affordable. The reason why I love this is the quality/ price ratio of it. It costs less than €5 and I have had this shirt for at least 2 years. It’s super comfy as the fabric on it is super soft. This shirt doesn’t bunch up in weird places, has a great fit to it and I just can’t get enough of it.

What are your favorite basics?

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  1. My favorite tanks are Maurices scoop neck. They have the have the perfect stretch which feels a bit like a very light spanx top.
    As for t-shirts I used to always do Old Navy vintage vnecks, but I’ve started picking up H&M faux pocket scoop neck tees more recently.
    Sometimes I feel like my entire wardrobe is basics & I’ll just start buying up nonbasics only to realize I really should have been replacing my beloved basics as they were wearing out. Oh the struggle, lol!

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