Essence Camouflage Full Coverage concealer

So I gave my backlog of reviews a good clean out. I had folders with pictures lurking in the nooks and crannies of my blogging files that go back three years! Three years! Since I cannot review ALL the makeup, I decided to delete those and try to go through some older products at the same time. This is one of them. Essence released this concealer last year and I figured it was about time that I got around to giving it a full review.  essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage concealer 05 ivory

This product should still be available according to the Essence website, so I’m sure you can still find this. That is the issue with Essence & Catrice products: they change around so quickly that it is too much to try and fully write reviews on if the products are changed around. This concealer is affordable: it retails for €2.59, which is a good price for a concealer if it works well.

The Packaging

essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

Packaging wise this is the style of concealer that I love the most. It is a liquid concealer that has a wand applicator and a lipgloss style tube. It is handy that you can clearly see the shade through the packaging. But beware: this concealer is only available in two shades and both are very light. So in terms of inclusiveness this is not the concealer to try out. I wish Essence would stop catering to just medium tones for once.

The Applicator

essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

The wand comes with a doe foot applicator. I love applicators like this, it just makes it super easy to apply the concealer to the areas that need covering. In terms of promises, Essence claims that this concealer will cover dark circles and imperfections but still looks natural and fresh.

The Swatch

essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

When swatching this concealer it looks like a good shade. That is why I bought this. Essence products had always been too dark for me, until I tried this. Their base products only cater to light to medium skin tones, but fair and darker skin tones usually do not fall into their offerings. This is light enough yay!

Despite it being light enough, this concealer also feels really really nice. The texture is quite thin and it is very easy to blend. As you can see in the picture on the right, this concealer is nearly undetectable on the skin after blending, save for a nice natural glow. It just looks like a really good, lightweight concealer.

The Application

essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

And while a lightweight, easy to blend concealer sounds like a great idea, that’s pretty much all this concealer has going for it. Because in terms of coverage, this is NOT a full coverage concealer. In fact, this covers next to nothing. Rather than blend in nicely, this disappears on me. As you can see in the picture here, there is some product on my under eye area, but you’re hard pressed to see any real coverage. My dark circles are still there and other discoloration has also not been cancelled out. Such a shame, because this concealer looks so promises. I tried building it up to see what would happen, but to no effect. It still just disappears.

The Conclusion

essence camouflage full coverage concealer 05 ivory review swatch

I really wanted to love the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage concealer, but it is just a bit too natural for my tastes. I want a concealer that does more than just highlight my under eye: I need some coverage as I have deep set eyes and a dark, sunken look is my default. So sadly, this didn’t work for me. But if you’re looking for a super natural, glowy concealer then this would be great for you. I think this may work especially well on more mature skin than mine as it looks really natural and doesn’t cake up at all.

What drugstore concealer is your favorite?

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  1. Nice product for a natural finish. I wonder if they would have this able at Ulta Beauty. I did not realize that Essence moves quickly through products. Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Concealer? I am in love with it!

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