Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze

I have a confession to make: I do not like lipgloss. So then why am I reviewing a lipgloss today? Well, from time to time, I have these moments where I go: but what if this lipgloss isn’t sticky?! That is what happened when I decided to buy a ‘holographic’ lipgloss by Catrice when they launched their spring/ summer collection. Their Prismatic lipgloss promises to have a holographic and prismatic effect, which just sounded really pretty to me.  catrice prismatic holographic lipgloss lip glaze review swatch

Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze 070 You’re so Holo

In terms of selection, this lipgloss comes in 8 different shades. It retails for €3.99 a pop which is quite a bit for a lipgloss that is essentially a lip topper. It promises medium coverage and a holographic and prismatic effect. Now if you know anything about holographic glitter than you will instantly see that this does not qualify. What it does do however is give you a pretty shimmery gloss with a great duochrome effect.

The Packaging

catrice prismatic holographic lipgloss lip glaze review swatch

Packaging wise this is a bog standard lipgloss. This comes in a clear tube that shows you exactly what color you are using. That is handy if you have more of these and I generally like it when I can easily see what lip color I am grabbing for.

The Wand

catrice prismatic holographic lipgloss lip glaze review swatch

In terms of the applicator this is again nothing fancy. This is just a doe foot applicator. It isn’t super precise as it is quite big and rounded so I do find that this is easy to overapply and get a outside the lip line. With the shade I have, which is quite light, this is not a problem. Some of the shades in the line have some more color pigment to it, which makes for a messy look.

The Swatch

catrice prismatic holographic lipgloss lip glaze review swatch

In the swatch you can see that this is a sheer gloss with lots of shine. There is a bunch of micro shimmery particles that shift from silver to purple/ pink depending on how the light hits it. The coverage is okay. Because there isn’t much of a base shade to this, it may seem sheer, but that does mean that the sparkle and shine is lifted to the forefront, which may be something you like.

Texture wise is where this gloss lets me down. The reason why I don’t like gloss is because it always feels sticky to me and my hair gets caught in it. This is sadly, no exception to that rule. Next to that, the shimmer particles can be felt when you rub your lips together. Lasting power also isn’t great: this disappears within 2 hours and mostly leaves behind the shimmer.

The Application

catrice prismatic holographic lipgloss lip glaze review swatch

In terms of application, I am not wearing anything here under the lipgloss. This is my natural lip shade with the gloss on top. I quite like the overall look, but I think this would look better as a lip topper as there isn’t much of a base color. Especially paired with a cooler lip color, this may look very stunning because of that blue/ purple flash. What I don’t like is that up close you can clearly see the shimmer: when this wears off that is all that left and that makes for not a great look.

The Conclusion

Alas, the Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze did not manage to change my reluctance about using lipgloss. However, if you are more of a lipgloss person, this may be right up your straight. For a gloss this really isn’t too bad and if you want a lip topper to amp up your lip look, this is a good product. It comes in some interesting duo chrome shades, which will make for a good addition to your lipgloss collection. But it has to be your cup of tea.

Are you a fan of lipgloss?

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