Simple eye makeup remover

I think I found my new favorite eye makeup remover! For years, I have been using the Garnier eye makeup remover and have not been convinced to change course from it since. Not until I found this. This is the Simple eye makeup remover and it is marvelous.  simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

Simple eye makeup remover

The first reason why this makeup remover is better than the Garnier is its price point. This retails for just €4.05 a piece, which makes it about €1.50 cheaper than the Garnier. However, like the Garnier removers, Simple is on sale and available at a discount very often. Just recently these were on sale at a buy one get one free deal. So if you wait around for a discount, then you will make the deal just a little bit cheaper.

The Packaging

simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

The packaging of this cleanser is incredibly simple, like the brand name would suggest. the plastic bottle has a lid that clicks into place. I like how the bottle is clear, because it allows you to see exactly when you are running low on product. In short, there isn’t much about the packaging, but at this price point, it is not something I would complain about.

The Ingredients

simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

The brand name Simple doesn’t just refer to the packaging, but also the ingredient list. This is quite possibly one of the more simple storebought cleansers I have ever tried. Of course it won’t beat pure coconut or olive oil, but it still is not a very long ingredient list.

The claim on this cleanser is that it is free of dyes, artificial fragrance and hypoallergenic. It should be great for sensitive skin and since that is what I have, I can certainly attest to that claim. I am currently on my third bottle of this and it has not caused any irritation at all. In fact, I think this cleanser my be gentler than the Garnier one while still getting the job done.

The Product

simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

While this is a waterproof eye makeup remover, this doesn’t have that two phase look to it. I do always shake it up: more out of habit than that it is absolutely necessary. This product is completely clear and transparent when applied to a cotton pad.

The Application

simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

simple eye makeup remover skincare cleanser review swatch

To show you how well the product works, I figured I could quickly use it to remove some swatches. This has no problem taking off most makeup, even waterproof mascara as the packaging claims. What it sometimes struggles with are some of my more hardcore liquid lipsticks, but even those give little to no trouble when removing them from your lips at the end of the day.

And the best part? This remover doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped, nor does it make my skin feel too squeaky clean either. And especially in the delicate eye area, that is a good thing. This is by far a gentle remover that simply gets the job done.

The Conclusion

So should you buy the Simple eye makeup remover? I think that if you are looking for a great bang for you buck and a product that gets the job done, then this eye makeup remover is at the top of its game. I personally love it and will definitely be repurchasing more of these in the future.

What eye makeup remover do you use?

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