Flormar Terracotta powder

In the summer time, I love a shimmery cheek. My favorite blushes for the summer time have shimmer, but what I love even more is an all-in-one cheek product that warms up my complexion, shines like a highlight but has enough pink to work as a blush on me. One such product that just screams summer to me is the Terracotta powder by Flormar.  flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

Flormar Terracotta Baked Powder Marble Pink Gold

Flormar is a Turkish makeup brand and they have some stand alone stores in The Netherlands. This baked powder retails around the €12 mark. In total there are 10 different powders in this line. Some of those look like mineral face powders, while others have more color to them and a definite shine. So with these it really depends on the shade you get what the powder will bring for you. These could be a face powder, a bronzer, a highlight or a blush depending on the shade you decide to buy.

The Packaging

flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

The packaging is not my favorite. The compact is nothing special: it’s just a simple plastic. There is a half mirror in the lid. While I appreciate the fact you an see the product through the lid because of it, I find the mirror too small to use. There is no brush with this, but I personally never use those. My main issue with the packaging is the bulkiness: there is a curve to the lid which makes this incredibly difficult to store unless you have several ones of these.

The Product

flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

As you can see this powder has some definite shine to it. Moreover, the shade is a peach pink, with hot pink, silvery and bronze swirls. It is difficult to define what this product will actually do. Also, each of the compacts looks completely different, meaning you could get one that is more of a bronzer or a blush depending on how the product is pressed. On me this works as a super warm toned blush: my perfect summer time one-stop cheek product.

The Swatch

flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

Since this is a baked product, I find it doesn’t swatch too well. This goes for more baked products. They can feel quite dry to the touch, making the pay off seem not too great at first. However, this applies beautifully with a big fluffy brush. I find this lasts well, blends easily and looks stunning on my cheeks.

The Application

flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

Look at that shine! I love the effect this product adds to my cheeks. It is warm, it is bronzy, it is shiny and it just gives my cheeks a very healthy glow. From these pictures you can clearly see the difference between both of my cheeks. The top cheek is quite pale, but the bottom one is nice and glowy. I just love the shade and how much color this adds. With this product, less is definitely more: you don’t need much to get the desired effect.

The Conclusion

flormar bronzer blush terracotta powder review swatch marble pink gold

Say hello to short hair me! Woah! It’s been a while since my hair was this short, so that shows you how long it sometimes takes me to get around to reviewing products. However, since I only wear the Flormar Terracotta powder in the dead of summer, I don’t use it year round. I still get plenty of use out of this as I love a quick and easy cheek when it is hot outside. It is not the cheapest product on the market, but I do really like the effect this gives.

What is your one-stop cheek product?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. chucky1012 says:

    Wow I’ve tought that this one would look vey dark…
    But it’s not it is so beautiful 😍👌

    Enjoy and have a great day Xoxo

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      It is not as intense as it looks!

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