Summer shoes | Shoe collection

Let’s talk shoes! In today’s video I thought I could continue talking about my massive shoe collection. I love shoes, but summer shoes are difficult for me to buy as they never really fit me well. However, that does mean that the favorites I have and that I am showing you in this video today, are some staples in my wardrobe that I reach for a lot. These are my favorite summer shoes. summer shoes shoe collection video

Summer Shoes | My Shoe Collection

Watch the video below to see my 5 favorite pairs of summer shoes. From sandals to flats, to espadrilles, brogues and even my very old, beat up pair of Converse that maybe I shouldn’t be broadcasting for all to see. These are the shoes that I hold dear. Not only because they are super comfortable, but also because they are cherished because of all the memories attached to them. From the shoes that got soaked by rain in Prague to the pair I bought to celebrate closing on my mortgage: they are all here.

Shoes mentioned:

  • H&M flats
  • Primark brogues
  • Converse low tops
  • Urban Outfitters | Out from Under sandals
  • Sasha espadrilles

What is your favorite pair of summer shoes?

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