Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer

I am a lazy makeup wearer when it comes to touching up. I have a tendency to do my makeup in the morning and then just let it me. Most days I even forget to reapply my lipstick. However, I do like to have a few things on hand as you just never know how your day might go. My favorite item for carrying on the go? The Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer.  soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer
Three Piece Flaw Camouflage Kit

This little product is a very nifty one if you are looking for a one stop shop for on the go makeup touchups. At £10.00, this isn’t the cheapest, but for a product I hardly use but that easily fits into a bag and is easy to carry around, I think this is a reasonable price. Soap & Glory is available from UK drugstores and from Ulta in the US.

The Packaging

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

The product comes in a squat little round pot. When you open it, you find two layers inside. The first layer contains a white powder and a powder puff. The second layer has an under eye brightener and the concealer as well as a little mirror. In short: everything one might need in one place. In total, you get roughly 2.5 grams per product.

The Powder

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

In the first tier, under the powder puff, is a white, translucent powder. It is more of a blotting powder: it is finely milled, but quite heavy. That doesn’t make it great for initial application but I find this powder works well in terms of oil absorption. So if you get an oily t-zone throughout the day, this powder works great to touch up and give your face a shine free look.

The Corrector & Concealer

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

Under the powder there is another compartment with two products. On the left is peach toned corrector. On the right is a concealer. Both are cream products, so they are a bit heavier than most liquids will be. They are still very creamy and not greasy at all. However, they may be a bit drying if you have very dry skin. Again, seeing this is a good product for touch ups, it works well if you want to apply this over already existing makeup or places where makeup might have rubbed off.

The Swatches

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

The powder is quite white, which means this product isn’t for everyone. It only comes in one extra shade, medium, which means that this product will not work for deeper skin tones. The peachy corrector looks to be light enough for me skin tone. The concealer is perhaps a touch dark. However, for touching up patches of makeup on my face, I don’t mind it that much.

For everyday use, I find this product to be a bit too heavy and drying on my skin. The texture of the corrector and concealer are quite greasy meaning this will crease after a long period of wear. The powder works best if your skin already has produced some excess oils, but I find that on freshly applied makeup it can look heavy and cakey. In short, this is great as a touch up product, but not for a full day of wear.

The Application

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

Nothing – Concealer
Corrector – Powder

Here you can clearly see the effect of the product. It works well in terms of coverage and brightening and the powder mattifies nicely. So this product definitely works. The corrector has a great shade and really cancels out anything underneath. The concealer is a bit yellow for me, but because the corrector is layered underneath it, you only notice it in a close up like this one. The powder sets everything in place and makes sure the product stays put. On my skin type, these are bit much, but overall, they are great products.

The Conclusion

soap & glory kick ass concealer camouflage light review swatch

In conclusion, the Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer is one that works well on me, but is not right for everyday use on my skin type. If you have oilier skin it may work a lot better. For me, this works well in my work bag. I use it to touch up if I am heading out after work. I have even chucked this in my workout bag if I had plans to go somewhere afterwards.

What products do you carry to touch up your makeup?

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  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one to fix it & forget it. I too seldom do touch ups throughout the day, my lipstick is good for most of the morning then its chapstick the rest of the day.

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