Fave summer nail polishes

For summer I love wearing bright nail polish! Even though I haven’t been wearing much nail polish lately, just looking at these makes me want to start polishing my nails again. I hit a spell where I wore nail polish again for a few weeks earlier this year, but I have just been too busy to be able to keep up with my nails. However, from my entire collection, I have selected 6 different shades that I think are perfect for summer.

favorite summer nail polishes

Favorite summer nail polishes

OPI Aloha from OPI – I had a lot of trouble finding a good coral nail polish until I found this polish by OPI. It is the first coral polish I found that goes on fully opaque and doesn’t have a weird jelly finish. This has just the right amount of brightness to it and it a good orange tone with just enough red and pink to make it a super fun shade for summer.

China Glaze Pool Party – But if you are interested in a seriously bright shade, then China Glaze is the brand to check out. They are the only brand that truly nail bright, almost neon like shades. Pool Party is no exception. This shade just doesn’t translate well in pictures: in real life this is even brighter.

China Glaze Strawberry Fields – Apart from bright creamy shades, summer is also one of my favorite seasons to wear shimmery shades. One of my favorites is Strawberry Fields. This isn’t a super bright shade, it is more of a deeper, murky pink. However, what makes this nail polish stand out is the little flecks of gold shimmer. That makes this polish brighten up quite a bit and when the sunlight hits this polish truly comes alive.

Essie Viva Antigua – Case in point: this bright turquoise with a fun silver shimmer. Viva Antigua was part of a limited edition collection though, so I doubt it will be easy to find this anymore. I just couldn’t leave this out though! It screams summer time to me. This polish is also quick and easy to use as it applies in one coat and thus dries really quickly.

Catrice Virgin Forest – One polish that I only like for one very particular reason is this one. This bright green isn’t one I wear on my finger nails. However, on my toe nails this is the best polish. It lasts weeks and is a fun shade to show up in open toed shoes and sandals. I loved applying this right before heading off on vacation and not having to worry about it for the length of my travels.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Blue Grape – An oldie but a goodie is this polish by Barry M. Barry M polishes are quite possibly the best nail polishes ever done by a drugstore brand. These last well and the shade range is so much fun. This bright blue has to be my favorite though. It is an electric blue and it is one of my favorite blues in my entire nail polish collection.

What is your favorite nail polish for the summer time?

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