Top 5 Travel palettes

When traveling, you don’t want to pack your bulkiest, biggest palettes. At least I do not. Whenever I travel, I like keeping my makeup simple and easy to do. Whenever I travel, I am usually a tourist and so I am always itching to go out there and explore. Often wearing makeup doesn’t even make any sense as it will just melt right off. However, for those occasions where I do want to wear a smidge of makeup, I have a few options for palettes that are easy to use and easy to pack. These are my top 5 favorite eyeshadow palettes for travel.  top 5 travel eyeshadow palettes

Top 5 Travel eyeshadow palettes

I have included a mix of affordable and high end. Some of these I have had for a long time and some of these I use exclusively for travel. Others I also use on the daily, but these are all small palettes that are easy to pack. I like packing as minimal as I can when I travel, so nothing too bulky and difficult to use.

Palettes mentioned:

  • Make Up Academy Elysium
  • Make Up Designory
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics 2
  • Make Up Revolution Choc Mint
  • Stila Eyes Are the Window of the Spirit

What palette do you like to travel with?

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