Beauty UK Posh palette Galaxy

Beauty UK is a brand I know absolutely nothing about. From what I can gather it is a UK drugstore brand. I remember seeing it in Superdrug or Boots years ago, but haven’t seen it in a while. They do still have an official website though and I have a palette by them that I would like to review for you today. Let me introduce you to the Posh palette in Galaxy.  beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

Beauty UK Posh eyeshadow palette Galaxy

The Posh palette line consists of 4 different palettes. Most of them are very neutral, but there is also a colorful one, but I was most intrigued by this purple number when I spotted this. I got mine from a local beauty retailer when they first opened. I do not know where else you might find this apart from their official website. This palette retails for £5.99.

The Packaging

beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

You can tell just by looking at it that this is an affordable palette. The white plastic looks quite cheap and somewhere this reminds me of kid’s makeup. It just looks like a palette in which you might stick watercolors rather than eyeshadows. There is a teeny tiny sliver of a mirror in the lid and you also get that notorious sponge tip applicator.

The Palette

beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

When I spotted this I instantly loved the look of these shades. This is a mostly purple palette with some random golds and champagnes thrown in the mix. There is not a single matte in this palette though: it is all shimmer. Come to think of it: this palette is giving me Sleek Vintage Romance vibes. That also has a purple and gold color story.

The Swatches

beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

When I started swatching these shades, I felt a bit disappointed. Some of these shades go on really thin and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of back pigment to some of the more intense shimmers. The dark purple shades all look identical when swatches on my fair skin. The only standout shade? That cranberry purple shade in the top row.

The Application

beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

You will understand then why I was pleasantly surprised by how these shadows performed on the lid. I was able to still pull a very cohesive look out of these shades. The blendability wasn’t great, but with a light hand and constant building up of color works with most palettes that are a bit more difficult to work with. I focused mostly on using the purples with this look, but I tried to use as many shades as I could.

The Conclusion

beauty uk posh galaxy eyeshadow palette review swatch

Is the Beauty UK Posh Palette in Galaxy one of my all time favorite palettes? No. But it is a palette that has some pretty shades and definitely a more unique color story, especially for the drugstore. If you’re into purples you will definitely like this palette. The shadows do need some building up, but for the price point that will hardly be an issue.

Do you wear purple eyeshadow?

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