Best & Worst eyeshadow palettes 2018

Best & Worst eyeshadow palettes 2018

It’s that time of the year, where we get to the end and I figured it would be good to do a video on my best and worst eyeshadow palettes of 2018. 2018 was definitely the year of the eyeshadow palette for me. It is hands down the product I tried most throughout the year. And in case you were wondering why nothing went live the past two days: I had some Christmas parties to attend and that meant a few late nights and hence no time for blogging! But I am back today with a new video and more content will be going up in the next few days. Enjoy your Sunday

Best & Worst eyeshadow palette

Best eyeshadow palettes

  1. MUR Violet Chocolate
  2. Lime Crime Venus XL
  3. Juvia’s Place Zulu
  4. Urban Decay Naked Cherry
  5. ABH Norvina
  6. Dose of Colors Marvellous Mauves
  7. Melt She’s in Parties
  8. MUR Soph
  9. Essence Be You Ti Ful
  10. Essence Sunset Dreamers

Worst eyeshadow palettes

  1. Natascha Denona Lila
  2. Wet N Wild Rose in the Air
  3. Violet Voss Hashtag
  4. MUR Chocolate Rose Gold
  5. MUR Pro Trends Celestial
  6. Urban Decay Backtalk
  7. Essence My Only 1
  8. Catrice Professional Artist palette
  9. Rimmel Magnif’Eyes
  10. Essence Glitter palette
What were your best and worst eyeshadow palettes of 2018?

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