Best Winter blush

I have been hitting the blush train quite a bit these past few weeks. The winter time is possibly my favorite product to play around with in the winter time. Around this time of year I am fairer than fair and for some reason it leads me to experiment with blush shades a lot more than other times of the year. That is why today, I am sharing my 5 favorite winter blushes with you.

Best Winter Blush

So 5 favorites, some of the neutral, some of them brighter, some of them very very light. Because I go so fair in the winter time, any shade looks a lot more punchy on my skin, so I can get away with everything. I prefer a lighter and more cool toned blush in the winter time in general so that is the category we are dealing with the most.

The Balm Instain Blush Lace – I just recently reviewed this. I have had this for years and bust it out every winter time, but just never thought of reviewing it. I’m glad I finally did. Lace is a super punchy, bright matte pink blush that works well to give that ‘just in from the cold’ kind of look.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush Seduce – Seduce is one I wear year round, but I love it especially in the winter time. It is one of those neutral shades that is quite non-descript in the pan, but it looks so nice on the face. This is the only warm toned blush in the selection, which is something I like to do if I want to wear a warmer toned makeup look that day.

NARS blush Sex Appeal – Sex Appeal is an OG in my makeup collection. It dates back to the time when I hardly ever reviewed the makeup I’d buy, which is years ago. But I go back to this every. single. year. It is a very pale peachy shade, which will only show up on the very fair skin tones. But since that includes mine, this is a really nice brightening blush that works well if I am at my palest.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush At Dusk – Another one that I have had such a long time that it has never been properly reviewed is At Dusk by MAC. These Extra Dimension blushes by MAC do not get enough loving. I got mine back when this was only available as a limited edition, but they ended up making this line permanent. At Dusk is the prettiest dusty rose blush shade. I have worn this so much that I have worn down the pattern, which is unusual for me.

Wet N Wild Ombre blush In a Purple Haze – Last but not least a purple blush. The first one I ever tried, but this is not as full on purple as the Urban Decay one I reviewed last Friday. I found out last year that purple blush looks stunning on me when I am very pale. So I went out and tried some more. In a way, this is the blush that got it all started and it is of course far more affordable than an Urban Decay blush.

What is your favorite blush for the winter time?

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  1. I think I mentioned my favorite blush is Tarte in “Natural Beauty” reason being it’s gentle on my skin and the color is good for me because I have warm undertones. However, I do have the problem if it fading (all blushes seem to disappear on me!) I want to try Instain by the Balm, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • I don’t know where you are located. If you are in the US, you can find The Balm at Kohl’s. In Europe it is mostly available online via beauty websites, but in some countries it is sold in store. In Spain and Italy I did find the brand in luxury beauty stores.

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