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Remember my promise to try out more colorful eyeshadow in 2018? Well I still have to make good on that promise. I certainly tried them, but I haven’t shared many of the fruits of my labor. Today all of that changes, because I am sharing my review of the ultra colorful, ultra fun The Zulu palette by Juvia’s Place.

Juvia’s Place The Zulu eyeshadow palette & 3 makeup looks

2018 was definitely the year I tried and discovered Juvia’s Place. It is an indie brand that I heard much about. The brand is owned by a person of color and that means that colors are intense and will show up no matter how dark or light your skin tone. The brand is available via their official website, but if you’re in Europe than Beauty Bay is one of the best ways to buy the brand. The prices are marked up a little bit but it is cheaper than ordering from the US. That said, another perk of this brand is its affordability. Take this palette: it retails for $20 and their shipping is not outrageously expensive. Moreover, they do very frequent sales, which is probably the best time to get some of their products.

The Packaging

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Each palette by Juvia’s has stunning yet simple packaging. Simple, because all their palettes are super sleek and filled to the brim with product. Stunning, because each palette has a stunning image that fits the look and feel of the eyeshadows inside. Each palette also has a distinct color and most of them have the name written on the top of the palette so that when you store you palettes stacked like books, you can quickly identify which palette to grab for.

The Palette

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

What is unique about Juvia’s Place is that they take their inspiration from different African peoples and traditions. Hence the vibrancy and stunning colors. When you buy the palette, the inspiration for the palette is explained on the back of the box. The Zulu palette is inspired by the arts of the Ndebele People located in South Africa. The result: a vibrant, fun palette with 9 shades that includes 6 mattes and 3 shimmers.

The Shades

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Look at that! This is the rainbow palettes of all rainbow palettes without doing too much. It is not a full rainbow spectrum, but a good selection is given for sure. I like how this palette has just 9 shades. Imagine have 12 or 15 of these colors. When I started using more colors I don’t think I would have been able to make such a large palette work. This is nicely curated and therefore makes for a very workable palette. To help you out if you are more of a neutrals person, there are two shades that are more neutral: a matte brown and a shimmering golden peach. You might think: ooh what to do with this one, but I gotcha. Below you can see three different looks I created using this palette.

The Swatches

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Juvia’s Place is known for its fun colorful palette and unique color stories. The Zulu Palette is another one of those. These shades are super pigmented and super great to work with. The matte formula is one that needs to be build up: in swatch they don’t look great. But trust me, these work great on the eyes. Where Juvia’s truly shines is in their shimmer formula. Their shimmers do not need foiling to go on like they look in the pan and that is something quite unique nowadays. Blending is easy, these shadows wear well over an eyeshadow primer and whether you set your primer or not, these shadows will look punchy and vibrant no matter what you do.

The Application

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Look 1 – The Peach Look

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

The first look is a warm toned centered around the gorgeous peach shimmer. That is applied all over the lid. In the crase I have used the bright orange and yellow to blend it out. You don’t need to use neutrals in the crease! To round off the look I have used the matte brown on the lower lash line with the red to ensure it is not too neutral.

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Look 2 – The Purple & Green Look

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

That light green shimmer also called my name. To start off the look, I applied the matte turquoise in my crease. I then applied the purple to deepen up the outer V and create a smokey vibe. Then I used the green shimmer all over the lid to provide a nice bit of contrast. For a final touch, I used the light blue shimmer in the inner corner and on the lower lash line.

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

Look 3 – The Rainbow Look

juvia's place juvia the zulu eyeshadow palette review swatch 3 makeup looks

But with this palette you of course need to make use of at least every shade in one look. Here I have create a cut crease halo eye look with the red, orange and yellow in the crease. I used the purple to frame the halo and I have used the turquoise and light blue to create the halo, which I have repeated it on the lower lash line. As a finishing touch, I added the peach shimmer in the inner corner. The only shade I didn’t use? The matte brown. This has to be one of my favorite makeup looks I created in 2018.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt about it: Juvia’s Place The Zulu eyeshadow palette is one of the best colorful eyeshadow palette I tried in 2018. The looks I created are stunning, the palette works well and the quality is outstanding. There is not one thing I can say about this palette that is negative. It truly is a great palette and if you want to try more color, but don’t know where to start, I certainly recommend looking into this one.

Have you tried any Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes?

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  1. erin applebee Avatar

    Another great review, I’ve had my eye on this brand for a while and I think 2019 is going to be the year I try them out. This palette might just be the one I go for I like that it has a nice mix of warm and cool toned colours and its great that they have a couple of shades in there that are more neutral just to balance it out.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Definitely try them. I completely fell head over heels in love with the quality of their products. I now have almost all of their palettes.

  2. fleurerose Avatar


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I know right?!

  3. Esther Avatar

    3 very inspiring looks Maaike. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I had a lot of fun putting these together.

  4. sarahscupofbeauty Avatar

    Wooow!! Echt goed gepigmenteerd! Super mooie en uitdagende kleuren :D! Die moet ik eens proberen… xoxo Sarah

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Juvia’s heeft echt de beste, betaalbare oogschaduw paletten! Via beautybay kun je makkelijk zonder douanekosten bestellen en je betaalt ergens tussen de 20 en 30 euro voor de meeste paletten.

  5. baublesandknots Avatar

    This is like all my Rainbow Brite dreams come true! So fun!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It is a lot of fun indeed! There are other rainbow palettes out there, but I love how this has a good shimmer to matte ratio. Most rainbow palettes are all matte.

  6. laurencanteven.blog Avatar

    All the shades are so pretty!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Juvia’s Place has stunning eyeshadows.

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