What I Wore #4

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Fashion is not dead on the blog! Oh now, I said I would be doing fewer fashion posts, but I can’t fight the urge to share some of the outfits I wear from time to time. And this one was a long time coming! Some of the outfits here date back to November. The reason? I felt under the weather for most of December (I wasn’t ill, just didn’t feel my best) and that left me with very little outfit inspiration. And then in January I pretty much started the new year with pulling a muscle in my back, leaving me barely able to move for days. So these outfits were created scattered over the time span of 3 months, but they are all great outfits for the winter weather we have been having.

What I Wore | 7.5 Winter 2019 Outfits

Yes 7.5, because one of these is just a pic of me trying on a new item that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 1
Sweater | H&M
Joggers | Only
Shoes | H&M

Outfit no. 1 is simple yet comfy. It features a pair of navy joggers with a stripe down the side. These have a thicker material making them perfect for the colder weather. I wore this on a day it didn’t rain and it wasn’t gross outside, so I busted out my white sock boots. They pick up on the stripe of the pants and then the sweater does too as the stripe also features some red. I got this tomato red sweater last year and have been loving it ever since.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 2
Sweater | H&M
Leggings | Only
Shoes | Asos

The second outfit is one that I had in my head for a long time and this year I finally executed it. The minute I bought this big chunky knit dress (I’m sure it’s supposed to be a sweater, but on me it’s a dress) I knew I wanted to wear it with faux leather leggings and over the knee boots. I spent the next 2 years finding the right pair of faux leather leggings and boots to pair with it and now I was finally able to pull it together. This was super warm and comfy too, so added bonus right there.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 3
Shirt | H&M
Blazer | H&M
Pants | Monki
Shoes | H&M

I am loving the 70s vibes of this one. It is almost as if I’m about to star as an extra on Charlie’s Angels hahaha. But again, this is one of those outfits that I put together with items that I bought at the start of fall and I finally got it together and wore it. I wanted to pair a turtle neck with this at first, but I love how the mustard clashes with the rest. The trousers are a very pretty tobacco colored pair of straight legs that are super comfy and an absolute steal.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 4
Top | Monki
Pinafore | H&M
Tights | Primark
Shoes | Topshop

Another outfit that I knew would work straight away is this one. I love these striped turtlenecks from Monki. They do them in a ton of different color settings and I love wearing them mostly with some of my pinafore. This is such a great combo when the weather is cooler but not super cold yet. I wore a shirt that picked up on the navy of the dress AND the burgundy of the shoes too. One of my go to outfits in the fall/ winter period.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 5
Dress | ZARA
Shoes | Clarks

This was my Christmas dinner outfit. The lighting is a bit shoddy in this pic, but the dress is a rich forest green velvet wrap dress that I got from ZARA last year. I wore it to my office Christmas party then and this year I decided to wear it to my family dinner. It was as if I was wearing a new dress!! And what worked perfectly with this is that I have a pair of brogues in a matching shade. Win-win for a festive outfit.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 6
Sweater | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Dr. Marten’s

I decided to have a mini clearout of my wardrobe last Sunday and nearly pulled this skirt. Then I tried it on, thinking it wouldn’t fit me as it didn’t for a long time. Yet, I found it fits again. How cool is that?! It is one of my favorites for the winter as it is made of a stiffer cotton material. That’s why it pairs very well with a chunky knit sweater and Docs, because the weather hasn’t been great here. I wore this on a super rainy day and that’s when the Docs really turn out to be the best shoes to wear. I decided to wear my socks over my tights for a fun touch.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 7
Cardigan| Vintage
T-shirt | Weekend
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Asos

This is probably my most out there outfit in the selection I have to show you today. This features a silver skirt that I had been umming and arring about wearing for weeks now. I just have major issues styling up this skirt, because I feel that nothing really goes with it. When I spotted it again during my mini declutter, I decided to pull it out and see what I could make of it. And then it suddenly just came together with some black and navy accents. And how perfectly do these boots pair with this combo? I call these my Ziggy Stardust boots and this was the first time I wore them outside.

what I wore fashion outfits what I wear 2019 winter

Outfit 7.5
Jumpsuit | Pretty Little Thing

I had not yet shopped the sales all that much for clothes. I just really like wear my wardrobe stands at the moment and in the past 5 months I probably bought as much as I used to do in a single month/ shopping haul. I have really been critical on what I am adding to my wardrobe, but this I couldn’t say no to. It is a very dark green base color with rust colored polka dots and it has a wrap around style and wider leg. I didn’t really style this up here as I was just snapping a quick pic when I was trying this on for the first time, but this is one of the most surprising items I bought in a long time.

What have you been wearing?

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  1. I wear a lot of sweater dresses in the winter with short leggings underneath and boots. I like the sweater dresses from Lulu’s, the softer the better! I like the polka dot skirt in the Christmas outfit. 🙂

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