Top 5 Bronzers for the Winter Time

top 5 bronzer winter fair skintone neutral cool toned warm toned skin light skin pale skin

Bronzer in the winter time: for a long time I found it difficult to find something that would work. With my fair skin that turns super pale the longer the winter lasts, it was a struggle to find a bronzer that wasn’t too dark, too muddy or too orange. But after a bit of trial and error, I have found 5 great bronzers that I love using in the winter time.

Top 5 Winter Time Bronzers for Fair Skin

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top 5 bronzer winter fair skintone neutral cool toned warm toned skin light skin pale skin

Benefit Hoola Lite – Hoola is a cult product for a reason, but whenever I tried it, it just was never right for me. It was mainly too dark. So when they released a lighter shade I was super excited and I bought one straight away. Some people say this is even too light, but that is why it works very well for my fair skin in the winter time.

Make Up Forever Profusion bronzer – The bronzer I pulled during my shop my stash for use in the month of February is this Make Up Forever one. And for good reason! It is a great pale bronzer, even though it may not look like it at first sight. What makes this bronzer so special is the gel like texture: this makes that you can never apply too much and this is quite possibly one of the most natural looking bronzer I have ever tried.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil – Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Soleil is another matte bronzer that is a great option for fair skin. I find it is a bit too muddy to use all over the face, but I find this works very well as a contour. So this is great as a first layer before going in with an actual bronzer for bronzing up the face. I still really like the powder though, but for me it has a very particular function.

top 5 bronzer winter fair skintone neutral cool toned warm toned skin light skin pale skin

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – Of course I also need to share a few drugstore options, but those are very hard to find. For some reason, I had trouble finding good drugstore bronzers, but the Physician’s Formula bronzer is one that is excellent. I didn’t even have to buy the lightest available shade! So that is quite unique in itself and many people love this obviously. I am not unique in liking this. The strong scent is something you need to get over a bit, but then you have a great bronzer that comes with a ton of product.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer – Another great option at the drugstore is one by British drugstore brand Soap & Glory. Their Solar Powder bronzer has two tones and I like to focus more on the lighter shade of the two, but mostly swirl these together to create my perfect shade. It is even more affordable than the Butter Bronzer, be it slightly harder to find. Still, this bronzer is one I go back to every year when I feel my skin needs a pick me up, yet I am still pale because my skin hasn’t seen sun for months.

What bronzers do you like to reach for in the winter time?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about trying either the Toofaced Milk Chocolate Soleil or the Physicians formula bronzer. this year might have to be the year to try one out.

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