City Color Matte Blush

city color blush pink review swatch

Affordable blush is something we all love. It is the more affordable products that make for some true gems. Because while they might be cheap, not all products are created equal and even when a product is affordable, if it doesn’t work it’s still not a good purchase. That is how I see things though. Let’s see if the City Color Matte Blush is worth your money.

City Color Matte Blush | Pink

In terms of affordability this product definitely takes the cake: I got this for free. This was a free gift with purchased when I placed a different online order. If you wished to purchase this it still wouldn’t break the bank. This City Color Blush retails for €4.99. So even if you can’t get this for free like I did, you would still not pay too much for this.

The Packaging

city color blush pink review swatch

I quite like the packaging of this blush. It is simple, yet stylish and while the plastic compact is a bit cheap it doesn’t look super cheap. What I love about face compacts if nothing is wasted by extra brushes, mirror or anything else that I might not use. This compact is just that and it comes with nearly 9 grams of product.

The Blush

city color blush pink review swatch

As you can see this blush is a bright, bright pink. Not a color I was looking for as I already owned a bright pink, namely The Balm’s Instain Blush in Lace. However, we can’t look a gift horse in the mouth so I did want to give this a good shot. If I compare this shade to that Instain Blush, then this one would be even brighter and even more blue toned than that.

The Swatch

city color blush pink review swatch

If you don’t like matte blush, you won’t like this. Because this is a super matte formula. I’d say that in this swatch it even looks a bit chalky, but that could be the white base of the shade as well. In terms of the product quality I feel this is perhaps a bit more powdery than most blushes. There is definitely a bit of kick up when you stick a brush into it, but it does blend well and it has good pigmentation and lasting power.

The Application

city color blush pink review swatch

On the cheeks, this blush is very reasonable. You do need a very light hand with this. The texture is so powdery that you do need to only lightly tap your brush into this to apply this. But once on the face this is actually very pretty. It doesn’t look too clownish, despite the brightness of the shade. It actually creates a very pretty flush to the cheeks that looks natural and healthy.

The Conclusion

city color blush pink review swatch

The City Color Matte Blush in Pink is a very surprising product. I got it for free and I actually really enjoy this product. The only reason I don’t use it more? Because I like The Balm’s Instain Blush in Lace a tad more. That is more pigmented, a tad prettier on my skin tone and a bit longer lasting. So when I decluttered my blush, which you will be able to watch tomorrow, I sadly had to decide to let go of this one. But if you are looking for a good, affordable blush that doesn’t break the bank and gets the job done, then I would recommend looking into the City Color Matte Blushes.

What super affordable blush do you love?

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