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The minute I spotted the Makeup Collection Tag by Georgia Harris going round, I knew I wanted to answer the questions. It is rare for me to like tags and it had been a while any tag had me at least moderately excited to participate in it. Until this one came around. Lots of people have already done it, so I am super late to the party, but hey, here are my two cents.

Makeup Collection Tag | Georgia Harris


1. How long have you been collecting makeup?

2. What kind of collection do you have? Minimal, utilitarian, esthetic, historical, etc.

3. Are you a completionist?

4. How do you store/organize your collection?

5. What is your favorite thing about your collection?

6. What is your least favorite thing about/something to improve your collection?

7. What is the biggest category of your collection?

8. What is the smallest category of your collection?

9. Do you have a “holy grail” in your collection?

10. Do you ever wish your collection was bigger/smaller or is it complete?

11. How often do you declutter makeup in your collection?

12. Do you ever get envious seeing other people’s makeup collections?

13. Who on YouTube has the best makeup collection video?

14. What’s some advice you’d give to a future makeup collector?

Feel free to do the tag yourself if you’d like!

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