Bronzers for Pale Skin

bronzers for pale skin make up for ever benefit butter bronzer physician's formula too faced milk chocolate soleil H&M beauty

If you are fair skinned like me, then you will know the struggle of finding a good bronzer. Since we’re in the middle of spring, having a good bronzer is becoming that must have product of the season again to achieve that pretty natural glowy look. But that can be difficult if most bronzers are too orange, too muddy, or simply too dark. That is why I have selected 5 of my favorite bronzers for all of my fellow pale skinned guys and gals.

Bronzers for Pale Skin | Benefit, Make Up For Ever, H&M Beauty, Physician’s Formula, Too Faced

In this blog post, I am sharing my 5 favorites. I have tried to include some drugstore as well as more high end options. These are my fairest bronzers. I have more, but those don’t really work for me when my skin is at my fairest. So if you heard me rave about some other bronzers in the past and you think it is missing, then that is probably why. I simply prefer different bronzers for different reasons and in different seasons. These are my recommendations for the ultra fair.

bronzers for pale skin make up for ever benefit butter bronzer physician's formula too faced milk chocolate soleil H&M beauty

Benefit Hoola Lite – Hoola is a cult product, but not great if you have fair skin. So when Benefit released a light version of their bronzer you could imagine my joy. And I love this. It is my perfect, lightest matte bronzer that works very well for me. It looks very natural on the skin and makes for a gorgeous all over bronze.

Make Up For Ever Profusion bronzer 20M – A surprise find for me was this number by Make Up For Ever. It is a more yellow toned bronzer, but also has a bit of a glow to it. It is not shimmery, but really gives a very natural bronzed look to the skin. I was afraid it wouldn’t match my skin tone, but I have found that yellow toned bronzers actually look very nice on me.

H&M Beauty bronzer Sheer Tan – H&M Beauty is such an overlooked beauty brand. Whether it’s because they are only available from H&M stores or because none of the bigger beauty influencers talk about them anymore, it’s a shame, because H&M has some great products. One of my favorites is their bronzer. This was one of the first drugstore priced bronzers that I found that worked for me. It deserves a spot on this list just for that reason.

bronzers for pale skin make up for ever benefit butter bronzer physician's formula too faced milk chocolate soleil H&M beauty
Benefit | Make Up Forever | H&M Beauty | Physician’s Formula | Too Faced

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer – Another hyped up bronzer, but this time from the drugstore is of course the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. And that hype is for real! It may be difficult to get your hands on if you’re in Europe, but I got this through iHerb and that is probably the best way to get it. And I didn’t even get this in the lightest shade! I know! I read one shade up was best and still light enough and I am happy I went with that.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer – This is a bronzer I don’t like to use as a bronzer. This is my go-to option for my contour. I don’t contour all that often anymore, but this is a great option if again, most contours are too dark on you. This works well for that, but as an overall bronzer it is a bit patchy on me. I still have this in the old packaging and I have heard that since it was repackaged the formula also changed and not for the better. However, as a contour this still works really well on me.

What bronzer do you love?

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  1. chucky1012 says:

    Beutiful bronzers for woman who have a pale skin.
    I have a toned skin so I use other bronzers.

    Happy Friday Xoxo

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Yeah you definitely need to make sure you use a shade that fits your skintone.

  2. Great recommendations x

    1. indiequeen84 says:


  3. Laura says:

    My favourite bronzer for pale skin is Max Factor’s Creme Bronzer (it’s a powder, not a cream) in the lightest shade (05 light gold). Beautiful undertone and not too pigmented/dark.
    I also really like the Butter Bronzer in the same shade as the one you mentioned. The one that is lighter is a bit too yellow for my skintone

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I have never tried the Max Factor. Will have to look into it.

  4. Pooja Patel says:

    Really helpful!!

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