Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

One of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas? Ofra Cosmetics. I already wrote about a first round of lipsticks I tried in 2017. After I did my declutter and passed on the one shade I never wore, I knew I wanted to buy another to replace it. The one thing truly missing from my makeup collection? A classic red liquid lipstick. For some reason I had the hardest time trying to find such a thing. Will the addition of Ofra’s Atlantic City fill the gap in my makeup collection?

Ofra Liquid Lipstick | Atlantic City

Everywhere I check this lipstick now seems to be on sale in this older style packaging. Ofra revamped the packaging of their liquid lipsticks last year so this style is being phased out. The shade however, is not. If you can find this on sale, you will pay around €12.99 for this. Typically, Ofra lipsticks retail for €16.95 – €18.95. It really depends where you get them, what price they are. It differs per retailer.

The Packaging

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

The older style packaging is what I have to show you today. This has the round packaging with a doe foot applicator. The new style packaging has a square packaging and a white cap, but other than that there are no indications that anything has changed. As far as I know this is still available and will remain part of their collection.

Atlantic City

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

All Ofra lipsticks are named after cities and places. Atlantic City is described by Ofra as a bright red with a blue undertone. In other words, a classic red that will suit many different people. And that is something I didn’t yet own. Not in a liquid lipstick anyway. I had some darker reds, some strawberry reds, but a bright, blue toned red: nope that wasn’t yet part of my red liquid lipstick game.

The Applicator

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

The Ofra liquid lipsticks are equipped with one of the best and easy to use doe foot applicators I have ever used. This goes for the lipsticks I already owned and it goes for Atlantic City. I am not sure what makes this doe foot so superior, but I find it’s precise and dispenses just the right amount of product. This isn’t messy to use and the formula gives you just enough time before it starts to dry down so you can mop up any mistakes you may have made. However, I have found that with this I have a hard time going outside of my lip line. With this, I always have a crisp, neat lip line without a liner.

The Swatch

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

Let’s talk formula for a minute shall we? Because the Ofra liquid lipstick formula is by far my favorite. It is simply the best liquid lipstick formula on the market. Yes it dries down matte and therefore can feel a bit drying, but I like that in a liquid lip. However, for a drying matte lip, this still feels very comfortable on the lips. It lasts all day, doesn’t flake off and stays looking intense all day long. Don’t believe me? Watch my London Vlog! I am wearing it in that video.

The Conclusion

ofra liquid lipstick atlantic city review swatch

I already knew going into this lipstick that I would love it. That’s why I bought it. It fills a gap in my lipstick collection and it is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas that is long lasting, yet still comfortable to wear all day. I couldn’t recommend a product enough!

Have you tried Ofra’s Liquid Lipstick formula?

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