5 Brands That Excite Me

5 makeup brands that excite me and 5 that don't urban decay juvia's place maybelline catrice morphe too faced makeup revolution mac anastasia beverly hills wet n wild

You know me: I am not someone who really keeps track of new makeup releases. But even then, I of course keep a look out for some products. Lately, many youtubers have been talking about makeup brands that excite them and 5 that do not. And I thought I could chip in and add my 2 cents on the topic. These are 5 makeup brands that excite me and 5 that do not. What are yours?

5 Makeup Brands that Excite Me & 5 that don’t

What makeup brands are you excited for?

4 responses to “5 Brands That Excite Me”

  1. I like theBalm lately, I just realized 3 of their products are my favorites: the Matte liquid lip (in Loyal), the Time Balm concealer and the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. I still want to try Instain, but they don’t sell it anymore on their site! 😮

    • The Balm is a great brand. I can still find some of the Instain blushes online, but only certain retailers. They seem to be phasing them out or at least certain shades. That sucks though because one more shade I wanted to get (Argyle) is now so difficult to find.

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