Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo highlighter

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

My highlighter of choice for most of the month of May was the Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo highlighter. I already bought this over the winter, but at the time I felt only one of these shades really worked on me. So I held off writing this review until I would have enough color in my skin to test out the darker, peachier shade too. I did that in May which means I now have tried this product enough to make up my mind about it. Here are my thoughts on the Pixi highlighter in Subtle Sunrise.

Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo Highlighter Subtle Sunrise

The Pixi Glowy Gossamer highlighter was one that flew under the radar for me. This was one of those launches that slowly trickled its way into the collective beauty conscience. I got mine via Asos in the end and this duo highlighter retails for €27.99. This is available in two different shades, the other being called Delicate Dew. For once, I didn’t opt for the lightest shade on offer as I felt both shades looked quite similar.

The Packaging

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

I have tried Pixi products in the past and their iconic mint green & gold packaging is not my favorite. It certainly stands out in your makeup collection, but the green is just not my favorite. The packaging of this highlighter also isn’t the best. The plastic feels a bit cheap and after having used this quite consistently over the past few months, the hinge of the lid is starting to feel quite loose as if it might break off.

The Highlighter

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

What drew me in about this highlighter was first of all the fact that you get two shades. And the two shades in Subtle Sunrise aren’t the kind of highlighter shades that I would normally choose for myself. On the left is a champagne highlight and I struggle with champagne highlighters as they are usually too dark. On the right is a peachy number and I was on the hunt for a peachy highlighter at the end of 2018, so I’m sure I found myself one in this product.

The Highlighter Pt. 2

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

This is one of those highlighters that is very difficult to capture well on camera. It is one you have to see in real life. So I thought I could try and see if I could have it catch the light. As you can see the shades suddenly don’t look as dark anymore as on the other pictures. The shift in both of these is quite cool toned, which hip-hip-hooray is great news for me. They look like they can be the intense, gleam from space type of highlighters and I love myself an intense highlighter from time to time.

The Swatch

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

Here you can see what I mean: these highlighters are not for the faint of heart. They have that gel-to-powder texture that I have been loving recently in the Amrezy highlighter. This means you need to use a more dense brush to be able to apply these, but they blend like a dream and give that glass like effect that has been all the rage. What’s more, they still all day and look great for hours on end.

The Application

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

On to the part I always struggle with: showing these things on. But as you can see these have no problem showing up. At the top is my cheek without highlighter. In the middle I have applied the peach shade. In the bottom picture I have layered the champagne shade on top. The champagne shade is definitely more intense as it has a more obvious back pigment to it. The peach shade is very similar to my skin tone which is why that blends into my skin a bit more.

The Conclusion

pixi glowy gossamer duo highlighter review swatch subtle sunrise

Both of the Pixi Glowy Gossamer Duo highlighters are a success in my book. The champagne is perfect for the winter time, the peach is perfect for the summer time. The texture is one of the best ones in my makeup collection and the shades are unique too. They are a bit up there in price, but for that price you do get two shades that are up there playing with the real kids.

What do you think of this Pixi highlighter?

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  1. Picked this beauty up from my local Hudson’s Bay. For the longest time they only had a small selection of make-up and skincare, but recently they seem to have extended to a fuller range.

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