Urban Decay blush Bang

One of my recent favorite blush formulas is Urban Decay’s Afterglow blushes. They are currently on sale and many shades are out of stock as I have heard these are being reformulated, but the shade I am reviewing for you today is currently still available. The shade in question? Bang! Bang is a bright, orange toned red. A scary shade, but can you make this wearable?

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Powder Blush Bang

Because this is being discontinued it is currently on sale. You can buy this for 40% off on the official, Dutch Urban Decay website. That means this is currently reduced from €31.50 to €18.90. I bought this at full price though and I think that is even worth it. Not only do these blushes have a good shade range, the formula is also stellar.

The Packaging

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s have a look at the packaging first. These blushes come in sleek, square packaging. I like how no space is wasted on brushes, mirrors or anything else that might make the packaging bulky and weighty. The compact is small, easy to handle, easy to store and what’s more the entire pan takes up the packaging.

The Blush

The Afterglow blushes have an excellent formula. It’s a bit powdery compared to most other blushes, but that means you only need a light hand with this and so you will be able to use it for a life time. A little truly goes a long way with this. The color packs a true punch and I have to use my wispiest, lightest brush with this to make it look pretty. It really depends on the shade you get, but Bang is so bright and intense that it can look clownish quickly if you’re not careful.

The Swatch

Here you can see clearly what I mean. This is one swipe. With most blushes, you’ll just get a wash of color. With Bang, you truly get a banger of a blush. The pigmentation is on point, but it still blends out easily. This blush is longwearing, stays on all day and doesn’t fade. With an unexpected color like this, you might expect something like that, but that is not at all the case.

The Application

So a shade that bright may seem daunting, but I feel you can sheer it out well and it makes for a pretty flushed look. I love red blush in the summer time and have been wearing it lots. Because this has an orange undertone it works well if you have a warmer complexion or with warm toned makeup looks. That said, this blush is the perfect shade for faking that natural flush your cheeks get when you have caught a bit of sun. With lots of bronzer, and a good glowy highlighter, this is a stunning blush shade for the summer time.

The Conclusion

Bang by Urban Decay is a perfect blush for the summer time. It is as good as the other Afterglow blushes, but this shade is definitely a unique one in my collection. Such a bright, popping red is rare to find as not many brands do them. If you can still find this and especially for a good price, I would recommend giving it a swatch and looking into it. It is well worth it for such an amazing formula and bright, unusual shade.

Do you wear red blush?

12 responses to “Urban Decay blush Bang”

  1. Omg what a beautiful shade! It does look scary in the pan and even with a swatch you feel like omg there is no way this can be ‘wearable’ but it suits you so well. Love it!

  2. I’m still looking for a blush that doesn’t disappear on me in 5 minutes! I might have to give this one a try if I can find it.

    • Aw that sucks! The Balm Instain are definitely some of the most longwearing blushes I have ever tried, but they seem to have been discontinued.

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