What I Wore #8

I’m back with a fun fashion blog post today. I love sharing my outfits with you and I have been wearing so many fun outfits again lately. I was able to bust out my summer dresses, had to figure out how to dress in a heatwave to work while conducting oral exams and had to dress comfy enough for casual visits in my down time. Here are a few of the outfits I wore recently.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

T-shirt | Uniqlo
Jeans | Topshop Leigh jeans
Shoes | Nike Internationlist

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

This first outfit features one of my favorite t-shirts I bought recently. I finally was able the Uniqlo that opened in Amsterdam last fall. And then I saw they were doing a limited edition Nintendo line! I love Nintendo (I still own a SNES!!) and I love me some retro gaming, so I could not pass up on this fun t-shirt. Paired with basic light jeans and trainers, this is just a great casual outfit.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

Dress | Glamorous via ASOS
Shoes | ASOS

So this past week has been sweltering hot and so I had to figure out what to wear in a heatwave, while still looking appropriate for exam season. I decided to bust out my favorite summer dresses. I bought this fun bright coral number with a toucan print (yes TOUCANS!, what’s not to love!) that I bought last year around my birthday. It has frilly sleeves, a button down front and paired with a pair of brogues still wearable for a work situation.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

T-shirt | H&M
Trousers | Bershka
Shoes | Primark

Now for something super affordable. I am finally able to wear some of the items I bought at the end of summer last year. It is why I haven’t shopped much these past few months because I feel I own a bunch of stuff that I just haven’t worn yet. These pants are a good example of such and item. Since they are super fun and colorful, I didn’t want to distract from that and paired it with some simple white basics.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

Top | Bershka
Jeans | Topshop Straight Leg
Shoes | ASOS

Another item I finally busted out was this stripey top with a knot front by Bershka. Again something I bought late summer last year and I just hadn’t gotten round to really give it a whirl. I think the stripes and cape like style of the sleeves make this top stand out and I found it paired well with some black basics. This was a great outfit on some of the slightly cooler days we have also been having in June.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Topshop

On to another heatwave outfit. I had to attend a symposium we organized with some colleagues in the middle of the heatwave this week, so I wanted to look a bit dressed up while staying cool. Hence little makeup, a white broderie anglaise top, paired with a flowy skirt with handkerchief bottom and white textured shoes. The shoes were a late sale purchase last year and ended up giving me bad blisters, but hey ho, it all turned out great in the end and the symposium was a success.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

Top | H&M
Cardigan | H&M
Trousers | Topshop
Shoes | ASOS

I have been loving all these flowy trousers I bought in recent years. These Topshop trousers I had not yet given a spin, but knew they would be great for spring weather. We had surprisingly cool spells for a while and that’s when I wore this outfit. The black works well with the bold pattern of the trousers. I really wanted to put that center stage and keep the rest quite basic. I find the best pairing shoe wise is a pair of sock boots, which I love.

what I wore outfits fashion summer 2019 lookbook

Dress | ASOS
Shoes | Urban Outfitters

Last but not least we end on a super summery, heatwave outfit. No makeup and excuse the box in the frame (I ordered a sofa bed for my office but won’t have time to set it up until my summer vacation in 2.5 weeks), but it was too hot to bother with looking pretty. I opted for another summer dress favorite though. I love this red dress with tropical print. I know not everyone likes floral prints, but I do. This tea dress is a summer staple for me and with a pair of sandals it was a great option for the hot weather.

What was your favorite outfit?

6 Comments Add yours

    1. I know right! The Super Mario Bros shirt looked rather nice on you. And its awesome that you still own a SNES!

  1. Itsgresa says:

    I really loved how you incorporated a pop of colour with every outfit! Definently‚Äč kept it simple yet amazing!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thank you! I like simple outfits, but ones that have a little aspect of interest. And I love wearing color!

  2. Toucans!? I love it!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Hahaha yes! The dress has a toucan print. I am wearing the same dress in this blog post: https://floatingindreams.com/2018/09/21/what-i-wore-1/ Maybe you can see better!

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