Who knows where the time goes…

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…as Sandy Denny would sing.

And that is exactly what was happening to me these past few weeks. Work was crazy busy and I just couldn’t muster the effort it would take to come on here and write my regular content. So if you were wondering where I went: I never left, I just didn’t have the energy to sit behind a computer after a full day of work.

But I have some good news for you: my summer vacation has started! I am slowly but surely getting into that summer mood (despite the murky weather) and that means I will have plenty of time the next couple of weeks to create content and be back in full swing.

So today’s message is just that: a message to let you know what happened. And then it is back to the programme as usual starting tomorrow! I will have a video up tomorrow and come Wednesday I will be back with a new review and will take things from there.

Apologies if you missed me and my reviews! I am looking forward to this vacation. I won’t be doing much traveling but I am revamping my office and hallway so expect some content on that when the summer is over. Other fun plans: in August I will be focusing all my video content on eyeshadow palettes and you can also expect some more reviews of eyeshadow palettes during that time. The Catrice and Essence updates are coming up again too, so expect overview of the new collections and the subsequent reviews to go live soonish as well.

In short, I have lots of stuff coming your way! Enjoy your summer. I hope you have a good one.

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