Real Techniques Complexion Blender

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

Do you need a brush to apply your prep and base products? No you don’t. You can get by perfectly well with just the use of your fingers for skincare, primer and even most foundations. However, I like keeping my hands clean when I do my makeup. So when I spotted this Real Techniques Complexion Blender brush I knew it would come in very handy indeed. My preferred way to use it? To apply primer.

Real Techniques Complexion Blender Makeup Brush

When you’re looking for fairly affordable brushes than Real Techniques has got your back. I remember when these launched together with the Pixiwoo sister: old school Youtube right there! Since then they have expanded the line quite a bit and they keep coming out with new things. As far as brushes go, Real Techniques brushes are quite affordable. This particular brush retails for €14.99.

The Packaging

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

So Real Techniques brushes do come a little bit overpackaged I feel. All of their brushes come in this cumbersome plastic packaging. It is okay I find for the packaging but this is something that you cannot reuse or anything and so it is also quite wasteful because let’s be real: that’s a lot of plastic for packaging a single brush.

The Brush

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

This brush is definitely more unique in my collection. I have a few Real Techniques brushes that I use on the daily, but I have also tried quite a few that I ended up not using at all. This brush went into daily use straight away. I already mentioned that I like using this for primer. That is not its intended use, but it is still part of their prep range. I like it for that as it means I keep my hands clean and the shape of this brush is ideal for a potentially runny product like a primer.

The Claims

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

So officially this brush has a bit of a weird use: it is supposed to be used to blend skincare and makeup together to achieve a more natural look. Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me. It is part of their prep line though so this is not marketed as a straight up foundation brush either. The claims on this are therefore a bit confusing to me, which is why I wanted to share them with you.

The Cut

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

So how well a brush works mostly depends on how the bristles are cut. And with this brush, the cut is definitely something different and unique. First of all, this brush is not exactly cut 100% straight. It has a bit of a wobble to it. But that is not all! The second unique cut to this brush is that is looks like a stipple brush but some of the brush hairs are longer than other. It creates a circular pattern with a little dip int he middle. This dip is what makes this brush so great!

The Dip

real techniques makeup brush complexion blender primer review skincare

What I do when I use this to apply product is squeeze the primer into the little circle in the middle. Because of that dip, no matter how runny your primer is, you will not make a mess. It ensures the product says on the brush and it makes it easy to first dot the product around your face and then use that same brush to blend it out. It makes for a quickest, easiest application of primer in my opinion.

The Conclusion

Do you absolutely need the Real Techniques Complexion Blender makeup brush? No you don’t. But if you’re like me and you hate that silicone feeling of primers than this make be a good one to look into purchasing. It makes quick work of your primer application to boot so if you’re all about saving some time in the mornings, then this may be a good one too. I certainly am loving mine and use it on a daily basis. So it was well worth it to me.

How do you apply your primer?

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  1. I have this brush and love it, i like to use it for the same kind of thing. I tried their suggested use and it didn’t work out well. I totally agree that real techniques products are way over packaged, i love their products but the packaging is definitely annoying at times.

      • Yeah that concept seems really strange to me. I think it should have been marketed as a skincare or primer brush, instead because it seems to work better that way.

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